13 thoughts on “Horizon Synth For iPad (Audio Previews)

  1. This synth sounds fantastic. But I've found the fx section to be the weak spot, and it adds a lot of high-end fuzz to some of the patches that I could do without. I recorded some stuff dry and put fx back on it in Logic and the effect was really impressive.

  2. I also have been giving this an extensive going over that last couple of day and I'm really impressed. It's just about the only synth I'll ever need for iPad now.
    It sounds like a expensive virtual analogue hardware unit.

  3. Awesome synth for the the price tag and superb sound !!
    this is an i-pads musician must grab app.

    enjoying it tremendously 🙂

  4. Anyone know what the latency is like on those? Polyphony? What's it take to hit the limit with those sounds? I know when I'm running the U-he ACE, it sucks up a ton of CPU power. Can the ARM take it?

  5. troubles will come from high DSP processing, the hardware just can't handle it at this point. effects, reverb, compression, etc… all require high levels of real time DSP in conjunction simultaneous processing of the applet itself. nothing new, impressive or worth shelling out money for at this point. more of an impulse, entertainment and have fun with purchase.

  6. Well, Reason and Live worked fine on my old PowerBook G4 Titanium (800 Mhz PowerPC.) I can't see any obvious reason why the iPad's 1 GHz ARM (with Neon SIMD instructions) shouldn't be able to crank out some impressive audio and effects.

  7. Seems like anything iOS related is just another negative comment from you. Your username is perfect.

    I've run this synth to death and it hasn't slowed down or crashed once.

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