Starr Labs iTar (iPhone Keytar) Sneak Preview

Starr Labs iTar iPhone keytar

Ztar developer Starr Labs has introduced iTar, an upcoming controller app for iPhone and iPad:

We here at Starr Labs have been working on the iTar, a MIDI guitar/instrument application for the iPhone and iPad.

The more we labor over what we want the iTar to accomplish, the more we expand its scope of control, programmability, customization, and interactivity. Think pages of customizable control screen surfaces with dozens of controller and trigger types, arranged and implemented however you like.

That said, we invite any serious programmers/developers to join us in the iTar conversation.

Seriously, contact Harvey Starr harvey (at) and be a part of the Starr Labs team that unveils the best MIDI guitar/instrument application onto the world, the iTar!

This is obviously in the very early stages – but their goal of making the best MIDI guitar controller does pique our interest.

You can check out the company’s Ztar at their site.

2 thoughts on “Starr Labs iTar (iPhone Keytar) Sneak Preview

  1. So what does this app do exactly? Is it a pitch to midi converter? A sound generator? An input device to control… what? WTF is this supposed to be in the Guitar+MIDI chain?

  2. I'd be a controller, i would imagine. Probably midi over wifi. They only make midi controllers at the moment. I don't recall any of the zTar series having a sound engine.

    Interested to see how this works, even if i am a bit sick of seeing every possible company coming out with iphone apps these days. I suppose that's where the money is, though.

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