The Moon Modular M551 MIDI To CV Interface

The Lunar Experience (Moon Modular) has introduced the Moon Modular M551 MIDI to CV Interface – a module, which transforms a MIDI signal into a couple of analogue control voltages.

The M 551 derives the following six control voltages from the fed Midi-messages:

  • Keyboard CV (from Midi-note-number) Depending on the ‘Priority’ switch, the lowest, highest or last received note-on message is getting transformed. Voltage range: 0-10,53 V
  • Gate (from the current Midi note-on/note-off commands)
  • Velocity (transforms the key velocity [note-on velocity] of the current note-on message) Voltage range: 0-10 V
  • Mod. Wheel (derives a control voltage from Midi-modula- tion messages [Controller 1]. Voltage range: 0-10 V
  • Pitch Wheel (control voltage from the Midi pitch bend commands, bipolar) Voltage range: ±5 V (If “Add Bend CV” is active, a pitch bend voltage of ±0,5 V is added internally to the keyboard control voltage).
  • Controller (transforms a selectable Midi controller into a control voltage [0-10 V])

Available are: – After touch – Breath controller (CC 2) – Foot pedal (CC 4) – Sustain pedal (CC 64) – Panorama (CC 10) – Main volume (CC 7), – the unspecified parameters CC 20, CC 21, CC 22.

The functions of the three toggle switches are:

  • Add Bend CV – In ‘on’-position the Midi Pitch bend voltage (attenuated to ±0.5 V) is added internally to the keyboard voltage to ease pitchbending the oscillator
  • Priority – Keyboard control voltage/gate signal/velocity voltage are derived from the hightes/lowest/last received note-on message
  • Keyboard Mode
    • Retrig triggers a new keyboard control voltage/gate signal combination at any struck key
    • Legato starts a new event not before all keys are released

To select the Midi-Channel: Dial the rotary switch to the„Channel Select” position and initiate a MIDI-channel message (e. g. strike a note on a keyboard); the module sets itself to the most recently received MIDI channel (this setting is saved even if the unit is switched off).

Details on the Moon Modular M551 MIDI to CV Interface are available at Lunar Experience site.

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