Live Berlin School Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: If you’re into old school synths, there’s a good chance you’re into the old school Berlin School style synth jams…..

Summer is Arrived, via skoulaman, captures that old school synth music vibe.

Technical details below:

Doepfer Dark Time sequencer with a 16 step sequence triggering the Moog LP (with the punch of the moogerfooger CP 251) and the Waldorf micro Q.

The piano is a combination of the Roland E15 and the Kurzweil micro piano with the accent to the E15. Strings from the Roland Juno 106 and the Korg Lamda.

Solo synth also from the 106. Some e-piano from the Yamaha DX 27.

A lot of echo’s amd reverb.

The title had to do the nice weather today after a rather cold and wet period.

4 thoughts on “Live Berlin School Jam

  1. yawn… old school synths don't have to make old school sounds for gods sake, stop paying with those presents and make something interesting.

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