Double Rainbow MIDI Controller Ztar – It’s So Intense!

Saturday Synth Porn: Starr Labs calls this custom MIDI controller the Ztar Z6SPX.

But we took one look at this particular Ztar Z6SPX and said to ourselves, “It’s a double complete rainbow on the fretboard!”

“Oh my god! Oh Ohhhh God! Its so bright! It’s so bright and vivid.”

The Starr Labs Ztars are unique guitar-style MIDI controllers that can be played in a guitar-like way or used as a controller for apps like Ableton Live or Reason.

More shots of the ‘double rainbow’ Ztar MIDI controller below. See the Starr Labs site for more info on their Ztars. 


8 thoughts on “Double Rainbow MIDI Controller Ztar – It’s So Intense!

  1. looks cool

    but since when are ableton and live apps? Whats wrong with the word program or DAW?:(
    Not hipp enough?:(

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