Touch Digital Controllers impOSCar2 MIDI Controller (Unboxing Video & Overview))

Yesterday, music controller startup Touch Digital Controllers announced a dedicated controller for the new ImpOSCar2 software synthesizer, the aptly named ImpOSCar2 Controller.

Here are a couple of videos that offer a little more insight into the new ImpOSCar2 Controller: an unboxing video and an overview/demo video. 

The custom controller features 101 control inputs, including 83 knobs, 7 led lit buttons, 2 punch in/out switches, 9 momentary buttons with 9 linked led, midi in/out led, MIDI-in and 128 channel simultaneous USB and MIDI out processor.

You can see photos of the ImpoOSCar2 Controller build process on Flickr.

Touch Digital Controllers was formed in 2010 by Richard Lawson and Kent Spong, both of whom have been working in the music industry serving the vintage instrument community through their respective businesses: RL Music and KSR.

via MarkMosher (thanks for the tip!), FutureMusicmee3d

13 thoughts on “Touch Digital Controllers impOSCar2 MIDI Controller (Unboxing Video & Overview))

  1. At first sight it looks too big, but then watching his hands on it seems like it would be just the right side. Look pretty damn cool.

  2. if you're going to build a quality controller… why limit your prospective audience by making it obviously tailored to a single VST… i know you can use it on anything and there are already plenty of knob boxes for that purpose

    it isn't a surprise so many companies go tits up… they release overpriced, redundant products

  3. i love it, but its just too expensive. love that they have used wood and metal etc, so maybe this could be the deluxe model and they could bring out a plastic, 75% scale one for half the price!? 🙂

  4. Looks sweet like a Ferrari. Real wood, giant knobs, and solid metal build. This looks decidedly high end but sweet.

  5. they should just make a reissue of the OSCar, not an overpriced (yet good looking) midi knob controller. this would be awesome if it had a keyboard and used VCFs (or any filter really)

  6. The second video down is not our controller at all. It's the synth-projects one off that Mario did for Gforce last year.

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