New Corgasmatron Module For Eurorack Synthesizers


Canada’s Intellijel Designs has introduced the Corgasmatron – a dual VCF + Xfader module in 16hp. The Corgasmatron was modelled after the Korg MS-20, but it is a completely new circuit design.

Here’s how they describe the Corgasmatron’s sound:

The Corgasmatron’s sound can range from ultra clean and precise, to extremely ballsy and dirty.The resonance is incredibly musical and interesting and is prime for all sorts of experimenting and sound design. The normalling, routing and cv options have been carefully selected to allow for a lot of control over the modules functionality and capabilities.

The original circuit was designed by David G. Dixon after studying and analyzing the classic Korg MS-20 filter. His work resulted in an original circuit, based around SSM2164 VCA chips. His design was capable of almost identical results, but was far more versatile.

This is not a part for part clone, it is a modern version, with many enhancements.


  • 16HP and shallow (two pcbs in parallel so it is skiff friendly)
  • two independent filters, each with LP, HP and Notch modes.
  • Unique resonant (Q) drive control
  • A Switch links the two filters allowing both parallel and serial routing via normals to input B (which can be broken by inserting a cable at input B).
  • Oscillates very easily and can be used as a dual sine VCO. Using the resonant controls this Sine shape can be colored.
  • 1V/Oct inputs
  • Built in full featured cross fader allows voltage controlled xfading between the two filters. The Xfade has a switch to select either unipolar (e.g. envelopes) or bipolar (e.g. lfo) control of the xfade position. There is also a switch to select direction. With nothing plugged into the Xfade jack the xfade knob controls the fade position. When an external CV is patched in the same knob acts as an attenuator for the control signal.
  • Jumpers on the back to select “modern” or “vintage” resonant modes (two different feedback paths for the resonance that use different diodes)
  • expansion jacks for adding additional filter inputs and VC control of resonance

The price for the Corgasmatron is $340.00

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