All Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer

The Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer has met a skeptical reception from some Synthtopia readers, because of the device’s seemingly high price for a mini-synth.

Early users, though, love the OP-1 synth.

Here are a few videos that feature the Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer – and that may help explain why owners are liking it so much.

The first video, All OP-1, via alexanderbergstrom, was made completely with only OP-1. 

Buchla vs OP-1

Here something completely different – spindizzyman’s OP-1 Tombola Sequencer and Complex Buchla Patch:

Morphed this from DougCL’s patch this morning into something much bigger. Firing off pulses and pitch of the notes with the OP-1 Tombola Sequencer which is like a tumble dryer like thing.

OP-1 Step Sequencing

This video, via Alredsolax, demonstrates using the OP-1 as a basic step sequencer:

Teenage Engineering OP-1 – Logic Pro (MIDI routing) – Emagic amt8 – Doepfer MCV1 MIDI to CV – Minimoog MODEL D – Logic Pro (audio)

OP-1 Samping

Finally, AfroDJMac’s Salt Shaka explores live sampling with the OP-1:

Ableton Live and Teenage Engineering OP-1 Jam created on July 1, 2011. Made with samples from Salt n Pepa’s and The Hues Corporation, Teenage Engineerings OP-1, Ableton Live, APC40, Novation Launchpad, MPK49. Featuring footage from New York’s Southard’s Pond. Salt n Pepa sample captured from the OP-1’s internal FM radio, Hues Corporation from vinyl.

19 thoughts on “All Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer

  1. OK. I'm officially done with the OP-1 bashing. Don't fucking buy one if you don't want one. Lay the fuck off the OP-1. Fuck it, it is what it is.

  2. if you bought something like this for 800 bucks or whatever… wouldnt you pretty much have to like it?

  3. Please tell me how these videos shed any light on why this tiny plastic toy cost $800. And don't tell me cause it has a nice "LCD" and "FM radio. Does it look cool?, YES. Does it appear to have a very unique approach? YES. Ok so why is the IPAD cost less? And why does Teenage engineering barely make any and claim that they have sold out in less than an hour each time they have a new shipment? Can the OP-1 be used as a Microwave? Can you play old school Atari and Nintendo games on it? Some one please post a video or comment and explain to me the $800 price point. Me I am thinking $450. Times are tough and they come out with this boutique synth, market it with a sexy female(which has it's own set of sexist issues), and expect people to not be up and arms about this. Enlighten me!

  4. Yeah I know, I love the DSI stuff for sure, but I am having all sorts of problems just getting this thing to except prgrm changes, basic stuff. Probably operator error though. The sounds rule, but kinda already have tons of analog in the studio, the OP-1 just looks kinda fun and a different approach to making music is always good IMHO.

  5. man you have to be a friggin mathematician to play electronic instruments nowadays..what happened to Casio simplicity? Looks cool though but a dumbass like me could never work it.

  6. i´m really wondering if someone has one allready… i think i´ve got the email that they´re in stock now maybe a month ago, and it still seems to be a myth… waiting for tests, user reviews, etc. – before that, i dont believe any word!

  7. I'd love to meet the sales and marketing director for the OP-1 and hear the sales pitch that quantifies an $800 price tag. In todays day and age, consumers want to feel like they are getting a good deal…A short time ago I bought brand new, a Novation X-Station(virtual analog synth, sound card, effects and midi controller), Reason 5(which amongst other things includes a sampler) and a set of Korg Nano series controllers(25 key midi, 9 channel sliders, 12 pad controller) for less than €800 (and still use them to this day) and still feel like i got value for money. My problem with the OP-1 is i would never feel like i got value for money. I think it's designed for rich kids with more money than sense(or me!). Nice piece of kit but the price is definitely not designed to suit me, or most people i know…

    1. Opinions and bank balances differ.

      Regardless, the bottom line is never my sole concern regarding music equipment. If it was I’d have a lot more VSTs and a lot less vintage (and contemporary) hardware.

      Perhaps you should consider a career in accountancy instead of music?

  8. I have one… and I’m in love with the way this thing sounds. But it’s also the incredible ease of use that has impressed me so much. All in all, I would have never expecting anything like this from something so small. I’m frustrated by a couple of things… like it’s internal tape recorder, which is good for jotting down quick ideas but not much else (at least for me). But the OP-1 is not a toy. Don’t let the size fool you!

  9. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I was in love but now I’m not.

    I’ve had an OP1 for just over 2 years and at first I was quite smitten but the romance is over. Unfortunately my device fell to a common headphone jack failure which I read about in forums before purchasing. I was super disappointed by the failure after taking such care and only using the thing a couple times a week -I’ve had my sp303 forever and beat the hell out of it with no issues! But what really got me was my interaction with Teenage Engineering. They asked me my serial number and all relevant info before sending it back for repair and then stated that after it had arrived in Sweden that they would determine if it is something I pay for or them (i live in japan -$45-50 for shipping). Well, when they got it they basically said, “it’s broken and your warranty is expired (1 year) so pay us $45 to fix our faulty product and send us another $45 dollars to send it back to you when we’re done.” …Not exactly like that but kinda. Now I knew that the warranty was only one year and to be honest I had forgotten how long I’d had the thing but I would have thought they might mention that I would have to pay for the repair based on the warranty expiration before I sent it rather than it’d be reviewed once received (there were several emails exchanged and my info was reviewed before sending). But what REALLY set me off was the fact that upon return they didn’t fill out the customs form properly so I had to pay an addition $25 in customs fees. Yes, this is a rant and maybe all this is fair play on their part but as you might have guessed, I’m super sour about the whole thing!

    Basically the OP-1 would be amazing if it were more durable and if Teenage Engineering were more concerned with the satisfaction of their customers. Unfortunately, based on my experience and what I’ve read that does not seem to be the case. I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU BUY AN OP-1 IF YOU THINK YOU’D BE SOUR WERE IT YOU FOUND YOURSELF IN MY SHOES.

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