New Vocoder App Turns Your Voice Into A Cylon’s

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ReaderĀ Andre Redert sends word of Cylon Voice – an iOS app that is designed to do one thing – turn your voice into a Cylon’s:

As fans of the 70’s Battlestar Galactica Cylons, we put all our effort into creating the app “Cylon Voice” for iPhone/iPad. It emulates the analog vintage vocoders (EMS) that were used to create Cylon voices, in real-time.


  • Gold and silver voice, in normal, fat and mini style (total of 6 voices)
  • Full emulation of analog vintage vocoder (25-bands)
  • Stereo, real-time and zero delay/latency
  • Live mode (with headphones) and repeat mode (without)
  • Engine and eye sound effects
  • Sound equalizer (iPhone/iPod 5-bands, iPad 9-bands)
  • Sampler: record, play and share your own Cylon voice
  • Elegant, intuitive interface, with video demo/instructions
  • Works on all devices with iOS4.2 and higher (iPod Touch 2G users need an external microphone)

This isn’t designed to be a full-featured vocoder (and MIDI support is missing in action). But as music toy apps go, Cylon voice looks like fun for anybody of a certain age.

“By your commmand!”

It’s $1.99 in the App Store.

11 thoughts on “New Vocoder App Turns Your Voice Into A Cylon’s

  1. I bought it about 2 weeks ago. It works ok, but you can't use it on the phone, so it's pretty much worthless. I know it isn't the developer's fault, but oh well.

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  2. Im not close minded about apps, i think apps have huge potential, but he even admitted it's a "music toy" and "isn't designed to be a full-featured vocoder". It just pays credence to the apptopia criticism, that's all.

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  3. We cover a lot of 'music toys', both hardware and software, where they seem like they have potential for serious music making.

    Music toys can be great tools for making music in the right hands, because they are rich with association.

    Kraftwerk's most influential music, arguably, was defined more by its use of 'toys' than electronic music gear. This isn't unique to them, either.

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  4. Seems like a perfectly reasonable fun Sunday post. I would have given bonus points for an "Aft laser turrets report an attacking battlestar".

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  5. It's two bucks, folks. You can save snippets of your Cylon Voice tomfoolery as .wav files. I can see a lot of different ways to get the sound into my DAW and play with it in there. All for 2 bucks. I see no reason to complain about that, but then maybe that's just me. I guess I'm easily amused.

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