VMeter MIDI Controller Touch Strip & Display (Sneak Preview)

VMeter is a new open source MIDI Controller touch strip and display from Curious Inventor.

In addition to a music controller, it has the potential to be used as a general purpose input touch strip and output meter display. It uses a USB HID interface (like a mouse or keyboard), making it relatively easy to interface with.

There are 8 capacitive touch sensors on the inside, and all the raw values are sent out, making it possible to do pressure sensing and even some limited multi-touch sensing.


  • Control any music software that accepts MIDI controller messages
  • Textured touch strip guides finger
  • Compatible with OS X 10.3+, Windows coming soon
  • Connects via USB cable
  • 8 inner capacitive sensors mappable for quasi-multi touch
  • Dimmable blue LEDs (brightness mappable)
  • USB HID protocol makes it accessible as general purpose I/O device
  • Upside-down mode reverses LED direction for mounting flexibility
  • Open-source computer-side software
  • Can control / display system volume. Nice for full screen video volume adjustments.
  • Lights mappable to MIDI controllers

VMeter is expected to ship in early August and is available for preorder now for $40.

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