Old School Analog Synth Jam – Pulsator

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a synth jam, Pulsator, that’s heavy on the old-school analog synths and sequencers.

Here are the details, via synthjunk:

Music composition based around old skool sequencing programming combined with some edgy synth sounds. Featuring Jomox Xbase09 drums, SH101 & Pro-one sequences, Juno & JP8 arpeggiators, JP6 lead, Prodigy bassnotes, plus other bits & pieces. Hope you enjoy it.

5 thoughts on “Old School Analog Synth Jam – Pulsator

  1. 'Now that was Synthtopia' I agree!

    I love how this track came ripping right out of the gate.
    Very cool. Motivated me to get my but back into the studio.

  2. True, I spent the whole day in there yesterday, but when I did come out for food and to go to the bathroom, I played the above vid and ran screaming back in;)

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