Pocket Piano GR Features Monophonic Synthesizer

Pocket Piano GR

Boutique synth maker Critter And Guitari have announced the Pocket Piano GR, an updated Pocket Piano synth, featuring a new look and sound.

The Pocket Piano GR is the basic great instrument as the regular Pocket Piano with an added ‘secret mode’. In addition to the six sound modes of the standard piano, the GR has a seventh mode: a monophonic 4 oscillator beating synthesizer with glide.

There are 7 modes total:

  • Vibrato Synth
  • Harmonic Sweeper
  • Two-Octave Arpeggiator
  • Octave Cascade
  • Mono FM Synth
  • FM Arpeggiator

According to C&G, the Mono Glider is a ‘great new sound for low phasing glides like a prop plane and distorted ‘mid-leads’ soloing.’


  • Green anodized aluminum enclosure
  • Wood keys
  • Powered by 9v battery or AC adapter
  • 1/4″ output jack,
  • Built in 3 watt speaker.
The Pocket Piano GR is available now for $220.

3 thoughts on “Pocket Piano GR Features Monophonic Synthesizer

  1. Not bad! I'll be having me one of these definitely! As a known Teenage Engineering detractor this is way more up my alley, with an APPROPRIATE price to match for an electronic instrument without MIDI.

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