New Modular Synthesizer For iOS – midiPhon

midiPhon modular synthesizer for iOS

PDP Innovation ApS has introduced midiPhon – a mobile modular synth for iOS.

midiPhone is designed to let you build synthesizers using different modules. Modules can be added / removed and connected to each other in any order. This allows each module’s parameters to be controlled by the output of other modules.

When your synthesizer has been built, you can use it as an instrument using the built-in touch screen keyboard, or from external devices:

  • all MIDI Compatible Devices (via. Line6 MidiMobilizer or network using the ipMidi Protocol)
  • Akai’s SynthStation25 which is a keyboard for the iPhone / iPod.

Note: midiPhone is designed for the iPhone & iPod touch and is compatible with iPad.

Full details below. If you’ve used midiPhone, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

Just so you know – this was made with ScreenFlow demo……


  • Modules
    • Generator
      • Generates waveforms according to settings and inputs.
      • Continous frequency
      • Frequency derived from controller input (notes, etc.)
      • Each generator can generate multiple partials/harmonics.
      • Waveforms
        • Sine
        • Square
        • Triangle
        • Sawtooth
        • Noise
        • Level
      • Module inputs
        • Envelope, 4 inputs (A, D, S, R) (set, add, multiply)
        • Frequency modulation (set, add, multiply)
        • Amplitude modulation (add, multiply)
      • Module outputs
        • L, R (audio)
    • Mixer
      • Process 2 inputs using following methods
        • Add (mixing)
        • Multiply
      • Module inputs:
        • Limit (set, add, multiply)
        • Amplifier (set, add, multiply)
        • L(2), R(2) (audio)
      • Module Outputs:
        • L(2), R(2) (audio)
    • Delay
      • Classic delay effect module.
      • Module inputs
        • L, R (audio)
        • Number of repeats (set, add, multiply)
        • Amplitude drop (set, add, multiply)
        • Delay time (set, add, multiply)
      • Module outputs
        • L, R (audio)
    • Filter
      • Modes
        • Low
        • High
        • Band
        • Notch
        • Peaking
        • Low shelf
        • High shelf
      • Module inputs
        • L, R (audio)
        • Gain (set, add, multiply)
        • Bandwidth or Q (set, add, multiply)
        • Frequency (set, add, multiply)
  • Built-in HTTP server for managing projects
  • Sequencer
  • Support for external control
    • Line6 Midi Mobilizer
    • Akai Synthstation
    • Midi over network (ipMIDI)

midiPhone is available now for $9.99 in the App Store.

13 thoughts on “New Modular Synthesizer For iOS – midiPhon

  1. The iPad screen size is great for that. It's practically about as big as a plug in on most decent sized monitors. Also, if the app is set up right you can scroll around in the editing canvas, as you could in Maya's node graph, etc.

  2. This looks beautiful and I am totally going to check it out, but I'd be willing to bet you can do a lot of what this app does with SunVox, which is currently my favorite music making app on iOS. (I don't know if the app supports Midi, which I know is like a sacred requirement for people on these forums, but it's the only app I've been able to, in a completely self-contained context, make full-featured MOD style music.)

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