12 thoughts on “Beat Thang Launch Contest

  1. I looked at the Best Buy listing, still no release date? Looks like a repeat of their of 2009 business plan; pay up front..and get nothing. Although this time it's $500 extra. I wish this joke would just end.

  2. I'd like them to succeed…just because I want more variety and competition in the electronic musical instruments market. Put it this way–I'd rather have one of these than a Roland Juno-80.

  3. if you would rather have this then an juno-80, you get rook of the status or must be on the “thangs” payroll. This is target to non-informed “pro-doossshhhhERS” who dont know anything about making “beatz”. Pretty sure emu already did this in the 90s..

  4. Just tried this out at BestBuy. Have to say that I was not impressed with the pads at all. It seemed to me like there was too much of a delay after hitting the pad before the sample was triggered. The "roll" button didn't work that well either. Maybe the floor model was improperly set up or something, but I came away with a poor impression of it.

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