Cascadr 2.0 Adds MIDI Support


iPad Music Software: Cascadr – a free iPad sequencer & synth that uses an unusual sequencing approach – has been updated to version 2.0.

New in Cascadr 2.0:

  • MIDI out via Wifi & Apple Camera Connection Kit
  • Extended range of frequencies available from 220Hz (A3) thru 3322Hz (Ab7)
  • MIDI sends note on and note off messages, as well as velocities for each note based on the volume you’ve chosen for each note on the app.

Cascadr is designed for experimenting with the idea of playing a sequence of notes and a number of speeds – simultaneously.

Rather than the sequences being played in time with each other (for example, 30bpm, 60bpm, 120bpm…) they are played at intervals of 1bpm – which generates an interesting cascading effect.

Cascadr is a free download from the App Store.

Note: When MIDI out is enabled, the local sound on the iPad will not play. According to the developer ‘some latency will occur either over WiFI or on the remote sequencer. This would mean the sound from the iPad would be perceived to be out of time.’

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