The Undead Instruments timeFrog II

This video, via sound designer & synthesist Richard Devine, explores the Undead Instruments timeFrog II MIDI controller:

The timeFrog II is a powerful and flexible MIDI device dedicated to music computer and MIDI applications.

The spin/inertial sensor provides a totally new kind of control surface, which opens new way for playing with parameters.

The 8 endless encoders, 4 potentiometers and 6 buttons form a functional and compact controller.

There is also a embedded 4 steps sequencer: 4×4 steps x 6 voices

This patch was setup in Ableton Max For Live using only two instances of SonicCharge’s Synplant software synthesizer. These two patches where customized and designed to work with the timeFrogII. Creating for some very unique musical gestures. All sequencing and note generation is from the timeFrog controller.

You can get details on the timeFrog II MIDI controller instrument at the Undead Instruments site.

9 thoughts on “The Undead Instruments timeFrog II

  1. Some of the least typical music I've seen here lately. Stands up to electronic classics in terms of complexity and variety. Definitely not like most Ableton sessions I have heard!

  2. i use software, hardware, ios, spoons..whatever i can to make music…but this reminds me that performance is also important, and that it's part of the inspiration and communication of music. software as helpful as it is can't really do this in terms of performance imho, and that's why hardware must always have a place.

  3. wow a harddisc as a midi controller 🙂 what a great idea !

    wouldnt it be possible to arrange lets say five audiocassette playheads and a write/delete head around a harddisc to make some sort of analog delay ?

    i mean perpenticular to the disc, like a vinyls playhead

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