10 thoughts on “‘We Think People Might Be Able To Use This Stuff To Create Some Pretty Cool Shit’

  1. what utter f.ckin rubbish………….you can do that on just about any piece of software. Is the idea that cause its on a mac product its somehow not absolute bollocks!!!

  2. Yea. That PaulStretch was neato when it came out whatever year that was. Makes everything sound washy. The results get pretty homogenous. Then, yea, ummm… use it as an ambient bed, and put other stuff over it.

    In other words, "create some pretty cool $#!+" then be able to include some washy spectral time-stretched audio from someone else's track.

  3. well, the free version didnt work wery well
    it just come up a lot of buy buy buy all the time
    its a little bad marketing
    Im no expert but u have to think again

  4. We cpmplain because it is not worth the news: why is this app good? It sounded very bad whereas Paulstretch at least sounded good. These apps have no added value, they just add to the virtual wastegrounds of society

  5. Makes me wonder if the Paulstretch algorithm is getting ripped off, in fact…

    But honestly, who'd want to listen to a bunch of songs this way unless they were f*cked up on cough syrup or something?

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