Maschine 1.7 Coming In September


Native Instruments has announced Maschine 1.7, coming in September.

Maschine 1.7 version builds on plug-in support offered by 1.6, allowing the finding and loading of individual presets from within the Maschine hardware browser, withouthaving to touch your keyboard or mouse.

This furthers the integration between Maschine and Komplete 8, utilizing Native Instrument’s new NIS sound format.

With 1.7, you can browse and load the plug-in presets from all Komplete 8 versions, directly inside the Maschine hardware browser. This is designed so that you can operate Maschine without ever having to touch your mouse or keyboard.

19 thoughts on “Maschine 1.7 Coming In September

  1. Awesome workflow, good software, shame about the hardware.

    …and no substitute for Kore IMO.

    I've had 3 Maschine versions from 2 different vendors and all of them were returned due to hardware problems. I gave up.

    I think people, esp. home studio users, should be weary here. After all; Maschine's workflow surpasses that of a regular MPC *by far*. And it also comes at a fraction of the price of a full MPC; but I think that's where the bottleneck lies.

    You're a high(er) budget studio in need of a percussion solution. Would you chose a more expensive MPC or a lower budget (and higher acclaimed) Maschine ? So what if one or two Maschine's break down; its still way within the budget of a regular MPC and comes with a much better workflow…

    The workflow /is/ outstanding, the software /is/ very promising but the hardware feels plain out cheap to me. Where you'll easily lift the whole device when pulling the dials on an APC40 or MPD24 (both heavier than a Maschine controller); with Maschine itself you'll easily take the casing off of several of them.

    Instead of having those things custom made in China NI should have consulted other companies which already had experience on the matter. Perhaps even invest a little more.

    …unless of course the rest of their hardware controllers are just as "El-Cheapo" as Maschine is; I dunno about that one but it would explain things.

  2. the hardware NEVER failed me! i like the light design and travel friendly form. THEY JUST NEED TO ADD ABLETON LIVE INSIDE for timestretching jobs and a capable song mode.

  3. i would just have to say – i disagree. my experience with maschine – i treat it like shit and have treated it like this for a year now. so far nothing is giving. just sturdy.

  4. i have had problems both with the software and support. bad sample patches which caused entire tracks to "bug out" like the early days with Logic.
    the depth of the program is what limits it in many ways.
    however as a live p.a. musician it has freed me from the mouse and my computer screen when running it in ableton and i am thankful for that.
    i'm still a fan but have accepted the fact that i am on my own with this problems i find. updates have been too frequent and far between and i hope this next update focuses on inherent programming issues and not just komplete 8, which i am not ready to purchase until the next Reaktor coms in to view.

  5. Could it be a possibility that its your system and daw that is the issue and not Maschine itself? The reason I ask is because I am contemplating buying Maschine but would like to get more opinions from those have have issues with it.

  6. i don't think so. i ran in to these problems while running maschine in stand-alone first.
    let me first say that i should call NI's tech support to be hit and miss at best. when i first ran in to tech-trouble it was while using maschine in stand alone and the person i was hooked up with went to great lengths to help me. he took the same computer as i use, the same audio interface and used a track i made demonstrating the problem i was having.
    turned out that a specific drum kit contained samples/data that created a glitch much like you would get when running out of polyphony.
    the 1.5 update has solved some of the other problems i have, but there are others. minor but a real pain when you are using any program to write music and find yourself having to ditch one version and resort to starting over with a new set.
    i still love it in spite of it's flaws much like i have loved many pieces of kit over the last 20 years.
    it's cheap and fun. not recommended for writting an albim with but a great partner for live performance. visit me at the hobbyist on soundcloud to hear what i am doing with it. send me a pm from there and i will gladly chat about it more.

  7. I returned my first maschine (the original launch version)….

    then the updates came.

    I re-bought it and have been happy with 1.6 onwards. it's stable, works as advertised, and only crashes when I load up too many plugins… due to the computer crapping out, not the software. I live it. n can't wait for the update!

  8. Whilst it’s never good to hear of people having problems with a software I do not think it can be said that Maschine has any general and widespread problems at all. I have used this program from day one on Mac and PC, as a VST, AU and Standalone product, in the studio and live, for 2 years now. I even have two separate controllers not one as I bought it twice. With the 1.6 update, which introduced VST and AU loading inside the interface I now largely build my tracks inside Maschine without needing to go elsewhere – it is that good! The product feels professional and is widely used in the dance and DJ scene. If it weren’t as good as it is it would never have become so popular in such a short space of time. For me it the the MPC of the 21st century, but an MPC that has gone not just to the next level but to the one after that as well.

  9. I highly recommend machine, fun, fast sounds great; my best purchase for many years. More productive than live IMHO as I get a basic looping rhythm track stand alone and the open as a plug in cubase to add vocal/guitar et.

  10. Maschine’s hardware has given me problems twice in the year that I’ve had it but I still would recommend it to anyone with hesitation. Both of the issues were due to software upgrades, most recently the controller upgrade released in June 2011. The controller was completely dead after that install. Tech support was non-existent but I did a system restore prior to that software update and the problem was solved. I think by far it’s the best software sampler on the market ever released and it definitely gives some of the hardware a good run for their money.

  11. I'm sure it's nice, up until the point that they kill it without warning… Fool me once NI, shame on you. No second chance.

  12. I've had mine for a year and I have to say it's one of the best tools in my studio. I have not had one issue with the software or hardware. I run Reaktor, Guitar Rig, Absynth etc. within Maschine often and host Maschine in Ableton and Digital Performer without issues.

  13. Also, while I'd love to see the hardware, and a lot of other things, made somewhere besides China, I think the quality of the hardware is outstanding for the money. Also, I'd like to add that I went through 2 brand new Machinedrums ($1740) that were both sent back before giving up. Both arrived out of the box with bad knobs, sunken leds, sunken buttons etc. poor quality control (i've got photos) is not exclusive to China.

  14. yeah… im worried about that too… or what happens when they decide to do maschine 2.0?

    hey, they make great products and generally support them well. But you are right. They have done some shady stuff in the past with discontinuing old products immaturely.

  15. When I first got Maschine I was surprised by the solid feel and sturdiness of the hardware. I love the product, although I don't utilize it as much as I should. The only thing that I'm not feeling is the sequencer, but I probably just need to spend some more time going beyond the basics.

  16. NI doesn't love you. they WILL make a 2.0 whether it's as maschine or something else. and sooner or later this platform will be ditched. possibly with a next generation controller like they have done with guitar rig.
    i spent a measly $500 on it and even after they drop it, i will still use it.
    NI seem to be going through a shift as a company by regrouping.
    it happens.
    i love Dave Smith Instrument's gear but have seen the same shift happening with that small company.

  17. I purchased my Maschine 1.6 in May 2011. I also have an MPC 4000. I 've had My MPC for about 6 years. Since I've purchased the Maschine, I've barely touched my MPC. I love the Maschine's work flow, ease of use, the feel of the pads, the stock sounds, the software, etc. I have not had any issues with my Maschine or software. I'm looking forward to the update. It can only get better.

    I use my Maschine with a dedicated Mac Probook, Garageband 11, Yamaha ES7, Korg Karma with a PreSonus sound card. My MPC is connected to the PreSonus but again I have not used it in almost three months.

    I highly Recommend NI Maschine!!!!

    maschine was born early 2009
    she wants to be a groovebox
    This is a list of basic things missing

    no timestretch
    no groove quantizing
    no song mode
    no automation of solo and mute
    no autosearch funktion of samples
    no parameter bar
    no noteshift
    no copies of automations
    no bypass automation
    no patternsplit
    no drawline
    no markerpositionen
    no midiout with progchange
    only 8 markers
    macros only on one chanell
    no apreggiator
    no audioquantize
    no independet miditrack
    no automation saving or copies
    no copie to start position
    no busmixer
    no sidechaining
    no pattern naming
    cryty controller

    the developers have no time
    they need to build a airplaneor handy Version

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