Monotribe Mod Adds MIDI Out

Here’s another cool Korg Monotribe mod, via Gameboygenius:

Someone suggested the “serial” connector on the Korg monotribe might spit out MIDI signals.

That person was right!

Discussion on Muff Wiggler forums:

This follows a couple of other interesting Monotribe mods:

6 thoughts on “Monotribe Mod Adds MIDI Out

  1. I'm a modder by trade, but I still think this should have been designed as a mini modular where you could 'snap' on add on's. Want midi, click add it on, want a sequencer, click add it on, want another LFO, click and so on. Make each add on $50 and change, sit back and collect mad cash!

  2. I like the idea of a cheap-ass modular synth with plastic panels, crappy knobs and modern electronics.

    I've got a large format modular and, at the end of the day, 75% of the cost went for the panels and the knobs.

  3. I completely agree. Large format modulars will always be needed, but a fun toy modular synth that could be somewhat portable and infinitely modded would be all kinds of fun:)

    Plus once you got tired of certain modules you could always throw them up on ebay and buy different ones. Seems like a no-brainer.

  4. Cheap portable modular is by all means my main dream in life.

    Yesterday I thought I found one, but, as it turned out later, its price exceeds 1000 pounds – ouch.

  5. If you thought of it, someone is reading this and others will recognize the relevance of your notion and hop to it. I particularly like the work that those Peruvians are doing along the cheap edge of synthesis…

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