Rhythm Studio Turns Your iPad Into Virtual Studio (Sneak Preview)

Here’s a series of preview videos of Rhythm Studio – an upcoming app that’s designed to turn an iPad into a virtual electronic music studio.

Rhythm Studio includes a virtual Roland TR-808 drum machine, TB-303 synthesizer, sample based synthesizer, XY style control pad, and mixer with FX.

Rhythm Studio has three ways of creating music.

  • Manually program the drum machine and synthesizers like the original hardware.
  • Use the Control Pad to play the drum machine or synthesizers live.
  • Create randomized patterns based on the key and scale of the song

The above video takes a look at the Rhythm Studio Browser and Workspace.

The next video takes a look at Rhythm Studio Pattern Mode.

This video explores Rhythm Studio’s Song Mode.

Rhythm Studio includes a sample-based synth, the ST-1 Synthesizer.

The ST-1 is a simple synthesizer which plays back preset sounds.  Each sound is sample based.  To add variation to the sounds, a brightness control and amplifier envelope can be used to change the timbre and shape.  The ST-1 has a 3 octave range.  Notes can be triggered, sustained and accented.  Each preset sound is represented by a number on the left side of the LCD screen.

The Rhythm Studio TB-3 synthesizer is a virtual Roland TB-303.

The TB-3 is an emulation of the classic 303 analog synthesizer.  TB-3 has a single oscillator that can produce either a square wave or a saw wave.  The waveforms created by the TB-3 are unlike any true “saw” and “square” and they represent what the real hardware waveforms look and sound like. The filter and filter envelope have also been designed to sound and behave like the real thing.

The DR-8 emulates a Roland TR-808.

This video takes a look at Rhythm Studio’s control pad.

Finally, this video looks at the Rhythm Studio Mixer and FX.

Rhythm Studio is currently in development. Pricing and availability are to be announced.

4 thoughts on “Rhythm Studio Turns Your iPad Into Virtual Studio (Sneak Preview)

  1. Thanks for the video previews with sound demo (lol no ST ranting allowed 😀 ).

    Was just about to pick up Rebirth. Gonna hold off for pricing on this.

  2. wish we could get away with this endless tb303,tr808 combo packages and include more interesting sounds e.g. real basses, guitar, piano, synths……..

  3. Buy Garage Band. I like synthetic sounds played on a digital device and personally detest 'real' instruments played on a digital machine.

  4. very very nice attention to detail in the interface, but yes, this is a tired, worn out boring musical concept. i mean seriously…. every humn on earth must have some type of decent 808 sound set by now right?


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