Free VST Inspired By Moog Taurus Bass Synthesizer

Taurus is a free bass synth for Windows, inspired by the classic Moog Taurus.

Things modelled in beta 4:

  • Alias free oscillators
  • Finite oscillator reset time
  • Nonlinear Moog ladder filter
  • Nonlinear VCA
  • Nonlinear envelopes (that means solving five non-linear differential equations, realtime!)
  • Control circuitry at component level

Download at the Smarelectronix site.

via myVST

6 thoughts on “Free VST Inspired By Moog Taurus Bass Synthesizer

  1. Be careful though, I finally gave a little money for the very good ASynth bass moog, this guy Antti also did, but never got any reply, as if this guy disappeared… but my money's gone anyway ;-DDD

  2. It sounds good with full, thick bass. Needs more presets. Also a good LFO would be nice (although now there's VST's and M4L stuff that can route to any parameter anywhere). The nag screen is irritating, but hey, it's free.

  3. Perfect Taurus emulation. I use it on tour and donated a nice amount, partly as appreciation, partly to get rid of the nag screen, but I also never heard back from the guy and still have to deal with the nag screen every time I use it.

    So. .. . somebody is getting that money, don’t know if it’s going to the right guy or not. But just know that if you donate to get rid of the nag screen, you’re wasting your money, he’ll never acknowledge your donation.

  4. I also use it on tour and donated mainly to support further developments and to get rid of the nag screen but I never heard back from anyone.
    If you have sent them any cash via Paypal, you can ask a refund to Paypal.

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