New iPad Drum Machine – D-Pad

iPad drum machine

MyElectronica has introduced a new iPad drum machine – D-Pad:

D-Pad is an old-school style Drum Machine exclusively made for the iPad. It brings you a simple and easy to use instrument to create drum rhythms in an instant. With D-Pad, you are able to create new sequences, play with patterns, have a full overview of the drum track and add up to 7 effects in real-time. D-Pad includes many kits, from old machines to new up-to- date styles. D-Pad has a build-in 4 bars sequencer as well as a live mode. Last but not least, D-Pad natively comes with audio export.


  • 8 track Sequencer (bpm from 40 to 240)
  • 4 bars: sequenced play mode, single bar edit, copy and paste between bars
  • Swing feature
  • Live pad mode with recording capability (length up to 32 bars or 64 seconds)
  • Volume, pan and tune adjustment for each individual track
  • Manage your sequence through the sequence menu
  • Kit selection menu
  • Mixer view, Sequencer Grid view and Effect Rack view
  • 7 effects: Reverb, compressor, Filter LPHP, Delay, Bitcrusher, Phaser and 3 band EQ
  • Audio Mix-down to reuse your tracks in other audio applications (Wav files)
  • Info screen (touch the logo) with parameters modifications (mix-down and swing)

Unfortunately, MIDI support is currently missing in action for D-Pad. The developer says MIDI sync and export are under developement.

D-Pad is $4.99 in the App Store. Details below. 

D-Pad comes with 3 different sections: the mixer, the grid and the effect rack.

The Mixer offers you:

  • To individually change the Volume, the Pan and the Tune of each track
  • To play each track in live mode with dedicated pads, where changes and effects also apply
  • To record in live mode with a quantize functionality

The Grid allows you:

  • To have a full overview of the rhythm you are creating
  • To quickly assign events to each track with the multi-touch enable. Just swipe the pads with your fingers.
  • To easily identify when one or more tracks are in solo

The Effect view allows you:

  • To control which effect is applied on the whole track
  • To set each single parameters of each effect. Here again, the multi -touch enable allows you to modify many parameters at the same time.

D-Pad also comes with the great audio Mix-down feature: create a rhythm (with the sequencer or with the live mode) and record it. The corresponding audio file is stored in the document folder of the D-Pad Application.

Currently under development

  • Midi export
  • Mid sync
  • More effects

10 thoughts on “New iPad Drum Machine – D-Pad

  1. i gotta say i echo Ipadfun's enthusiasm. every time i come to this site, especially for ipad related audio stuff, i invariably end up buying something from the app store. i dont know if i should be thanking you or cursing you! synthtopia rocks.

  2. No MIDI support.


    A little less time on the pretty graphics. A little more time with the nose to the grindstone figuring out how to implement CoreMIDI.

    I mean, ANOTHER drum machine without MIDI support.

    Christ. What a trainwreck. These people need to develop for another platform because they truly, truly don't get it.

  3. Have you thought about contacting any of the "ANOTHER" trainwreck devs who" truly don't get it" with a persuasive, articulate argument for this, or does it work better for you just shouting at strangers on web sites?

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