Novation Intros Impulse Keyboard Controllers

Novation has introduced Impulse, a new line of USB/MIDI controllers that combine a traditional keyboard with drum pads and DAW controls.


  • Precision semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch.
  • Professional control surface gives you full control of your DAW including mixer, transport and plug-in instruments and effects.
  • Novation’s Automap control software makes it fast and simple to assign knobs, faders and buttons to your music software.
  • Back-lit drum pads allow you to warp arpeggios and improvise with rhythm patterns – they also launch clips in Ableton.
  • Large LCD screen displays control information.
  • Hardware design is tough and rugged.
  • Comes with Ableton Live Lite, Novation’s Bass Station synth and a Loopmasters sample pack.
  • USB powered, with expression and sustain pedal inputs as well as MIDI in and out ports for connecting external MIDI instruments.

The Novation Impulse will come in 25, 49, and 61 keys versions. Pricing and availability are to be announced.

9 thoughts on “Novation Intros Impulse Keyboard Controllers

  1. meh, i own an SL mk2, build quality is mediocre and Automap is as close as studio software gets to being a virus (and I’m not talk about the synthesizer)

    1. lol wut?
      I agree it is cheeply built, but then I kinda expect the impulse to be so too. I don’t understand you’r grudge against automap (as long as you’r using pro, haven’t used the free stuff) but it really doesn’t matter since both the remote and impulse have it. So yeah, still think the remote is much better than this, unless you really really need the drumpads.

  2. I don’t get all of the raves about the SL MK2. I had a 49-key for a few weeks and wasn’t too impressed. The action/feel of my old Yamaha EX5 is way better, the controls on the MK2 are way too cramped and the drum pads are pretty much useless. Because of the cramped controls, the touch sensitive controls tended to become annoying from my experience… frequently switching to the wrong thing by accident. Not a big fan of the joystick thing either, though the option to disable the spring mechanism was nice. Build quality was plastic-like but seemed decent and solid. I did like the LCD above the knobs as well.

    The most impressive thing (for me at least) was Automap. Worked flawless for me (Protools 9 on a mac, with loads of plugins)… though perhaps it depends on your DAW and computer setup. My 49 had a stuck key out of the box, so back it went. I actually exchanged it for an Impulse 61… waiting for them to become available.

    Hoping the Impulse is an improvement… I like the layout and features better, though the cheaper price has me slightly concerned.

  3. LOL ! you guys are killing me ! “still think my SL MK is better” etc.. Ok thats cool. Just because theres a new kid on the block doesnt mean its meant to bump out something else…or be better. You gotta first understand where this line falls in. The impulse wasnt meant to compete with the SL MK2..thats in a class of its own. This seems to be more so to compete with the Axioms, MPKs, of the world. The Novation SL MK2 is pretty expensive, so although many people adore it, most cant afford it. Heres were the impulse comes in. Now Novation, a company that has built a pretty good reputation with their controllers, can get in on that market of people who can quite afford the SL line, but wants a little more than the Nocturn. Smart move on their part…Just my thoughts

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