New Additive Synthesizer, Harmor, For Windows

Image-Line has introduced Harmor, a new additive synthesizer for Windows. A Mac version is also under development.

Image-Line says that Harmor features a ‘unique and modern additive synthesis engine that emulates classic subtractive synthesis as well, taking sound generation to the next level.’

You can preview the sound of Harmor above. 


  • Additive / subtractive emulation – generating sounds not possible with traditional synthesis methods, including the ability to draw custom filter shapes, and offering precise control over every aspect of the sound conception.
  • Image & Audio Resynthesis – allowing a faithful, sampler-quality resynthesis of audio, not a vague sound-alike often met in additive synthesizers. Images too can be imported and turned into sound.
  • Envelopes and articulation – as originally seen in Image-Line’s flagship synthesizer Sytrus, are taken to new levels of features, flexibility and GUI integration.
  • Sound creation – possibilities are endless, but not bewildering. Stutter, mangle, stretch, pitch and manipulate both audio and images beyond recognition.

Harmor is available now for Windows (VST/FL STudio) for US $99 through the 1st of October (regular price $149). A Mac version is planned. A Windows demo version available at the site.

11 thoughts on “New Additive Synthesizer, Harmor, For Windows

  1. $99 for 32 bit in year 2011?

    Windows 8 brings us 64 bit only perhaps? I guess being stuck in Windows 7 and below for Fruityloops 32 bit and their plugins must be worth it.

    BTW, isn’t this Harmless with bolt on 3rd party technologies again?

    Recycled the engine again and now trying to pass it off as something more then the metallic sounding synths gol is known for.

  2. SolarRainUK
    Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 6:58 am @

    I’m unimpressed by the demo, not only are the demo songs on the site quite poor, but also the presets IMO. I went through every preset, but not one of them impressed me at all. In fact many of them just reminded me of Harmless, which I already own.

    Given the features, I expected a lot more from the presets that really show what this thing can do, especially in regards to resynthesis etc.

  3. tony tony chopper ([email protected])
    Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 7:11 am @

    “Now if you’re talking about the lack of use of resynthesis, there were reasons for that:
    -samples eat room in the installer, & make presets load slower
    -we have to trust preset designers as for the origin of samples, or restrict them to our own
    -but most importantly: in many synths I’ve tested which have, among others, sampling capabilities, most of the presets were using samples, and I found it weird to bother with many features while in the end preset designers just got lazy & used them as a sampler “

  4. JWMMakerofMusic @
    Sep 02, 2011 (6:52)

    Well, between the two, I’d choose Sytrus for more versatility, or TB for easier-to-program patches.

    Harmor though can do a lot more than Sytrus and is more versatile than Sytrus, even though it doesn’t do FM synthesis! (Instead, it has a different method for obtaining those types of FM-related sounds.)

    1. Sytrus is a great synth, shame it doesn’t function as a standalone. Harmor is damn good synth and does function as standalone. I have both, but if I had to pick one or the other, I’d likey pick Harmor.

  5. A Deaf Bat @
    Sep 07, 2011 (19:02)

    I bought Harmor last night, that excitement wore out for me real quick.

    I haven’t even used it yet… it looks so daunting.

  6. chroma
    Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:57 am

    access violation error at 00000000 on my system using the beta.
    win 7 64 bit, ableton live 8.2.5.
    didn’t crash live but wouldn’t recognize the plugin either.
    i should already have DEP off for live so i don’t think it’s that.

    same thing happens when I run it standalone:
    ‘Access violation at address 00000000: Write of address 00000000.’

  7. Teksonik
    Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 12:09 pm

    Harmor announced 11:20…..first bug report 11:57……Might be a World’s Record…..I’ll call the Guinness Book.

  8. What surprises me with “modern” VSTs these days is that its like the authors always feel the need to cram as much controls as possible into 1 huge screen, often even promoting that decision because it gives a good “look”.

    Well, I think stuff like that looks way too complicated to even consider playing with it. I don’t one a dozen controls jammed up on one screen, I’d like at least see some more separation between, say, an oscillator section and a filter section. Better yet; give me multiple screens to work with.

    1. Thanks for pointing this out. It’s getting out of hand when you have to adjust your monitor’s resolution in order to adjust an envelope

  9. tony tony chopper
    Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 6:12 am @

    I’ve tested this in Reaper x64. It seems that Reaper does not save the state of the > button.

    The state of the > button isn’t saved, it will be guessed according to the size of the plugin. But something has to be restoring the size of the plugin somewhere. Well I don’t know how it works, ideally the host would support plugin resizing.

    You’re not missing that much anyway, as the view is typically enabled only to learn the synth, but eats quite some CPU & should be hidden for normal use.

    Other plugins resize flawlessly in Reaper (x86 and x64): e.g. Alchemy (64bit) or the Synth Squad synths (32bit bridged).

    In that case I don’t know, I will leave it to Fred (who handles the VSTi version).
    Maybe we could release 2 versions of the VSTi, one with the visual panel open.

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