Novation Intros Automap 4 As A Free Upgrade

Automap 4

Novation has announced Automap 4, an update to its MIDI controller utility.

Automap was designed to simplify the process of assigning hardware controls to music software. Automap 4 is replacing Automap 3 Standard and Automap 3 PRO and is a free upgrade to all Novation Automap users.

All of the main functions in Automap 3 PRO remain in Automap 4, the main change is a revised set-up process and workflow.
According to Novation, getting control of your software is now more streamlined and logical, meaning less time assigning controls and more time making music. The GUI (or software edit page) has been overhauled to display the information you need more clearly. The GUI now uses notifications (which appear briefly in the corner of your monitor) to tell you when control events are taking place. You can then chose to click on the notification to open the Automap window and display more information on the control surface layout – or you can turn them off altogether. This has replaces the ‘hide’ and ‘resize’ features on the old GUI. Automap 4 also works fluidly with the VST3 plug-in format.
Automap 4 will work with the new Impulse range of controllers as well as:
  • SL MkII
  • Nocturn Keyboard
  • Nocturn
  • Launchpad
  • UltraNova
  • iPhone/iPod Touch
A public beta test is expected to be available shortly for Novation Automap 4.

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