New iOS MIDI App – WiFiMIDI Free


Le bord de la piscine has released WiFiMIDI Free – a remote keyboard, drum pad and controller for iOS, designed to send MIDI signals to compatible applications running on OS X – GarageBand, Reason, etc. Works on WIndows with the help of additional software, such as rtpMIDI.

The paid version is $.99.


Your iPhone or iPod need to be on the same WiFi network as the Macintosh running MIDI software. On the MacOS computer, the application Audio MIDI Setup is in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder. This application routes the MIDI signal to all MIDI applications running on the Mac.

No need for special cable nor dedicated software.

Works with an iPod Touch 4G ou an iPhone 3GS or later.
Needs iOS 4.1 or later.
Needs OS X on the remote host – 10.4 or later.
You need specific software such as rtpMIDI to run on Windows XP/Vista/7.
rtpMIDI :

Note: WiFiMIDI Free uses an ad-supported model.


6 thoughts on “New iOS MIDI App – WiFiMIDI Free

  1. I there an MPC or Maschine like app with MIDI for the Ipad? I have seen apps that have built in drums, but havent seen any apps with MPC like controls outside of touch OSC which i think you have to create the template for. Something like Poise for the ipad?

  2. Has everyone gone crazy? This is one of the worst apps ever. I don’t mind ads if it’s free, but these ads are cheekily placed so close to the synth keys, you can’t help but click them. Anyone who does something that cheezy probably can’t be trusted. And the pretty water colors are stupid, modern cutting edge blinkies please, not some kindergarten paint job. Lame

  3. I am the author of WifIMIDI.

    Regarding last comment: I sorry that you did not like the app. There is two issues in your comment
    1. the ads, poorly placed; 2. the watercolor design.

    As for 1., yes, I completely agree, they are poorly placed. It is because there is an ad-free application on salefor $0.99. The free version is there for you to test the functionalities. Ads are removed by buying the full version.
    For point 2: Watercolor look and feel: A classic look and feel, with “modern cutting edge blinkies ” will be #1 of the TODO list for next major version (#2 feature will be an XY controller).


  4. i was able to get the midi set up, but was unable to isolate the channels (i’m using the free version). i want to commit, but if the channel isolation doesn’t work, then the app may as well be useless to me.

    here’s what i’m doing: using Logic, i’m aiming to use the app in conjunction with another keyboard controller. the keyboard is on channel 1, and i want the control the drums on my iphone for channel 7. however, it still plays through channel 1. any ideas?

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