Torley Wins The OMG-1 Synthesizer!

OMG-1 Synthesizer

Spectrasonics has announced the winner of the OMG-1 Synthesizer – CEO Eric Persings’ one-of-a-kind Moog + iPad Frankensynth.

Synthtopia regular Torley Wong, who’s made a great series of “Project Preset” videos, is the Grand Prize winner. Here’s what Spectrasonics had to say about Torley and his entry:

For the top prize of the one-of-a-kind OMG-1, we searched for someone who went “above and beyond.”

Luckily, our judges were unanimous in selecting Torley Wong, who submitted not just one great piece, but an entire album’s worth of outstanding music created with ONLY the Bob Moog Tribute Library and Omnisphere! (along with his wife’s voice and his own drum samples). Clearly a huge fan of electronic music, Torley’s album is a remarkable, hour-long homage to the history of electronic music genres from the past to the present.

Congratulations to Torley! You can hear his winning entries at the Spectronics site

Other winners:

  • Outstanding Achievement Award – David Soltany, who won a Moog Little Phatty
  • Next Generation Award – Eric Oberthaler, who won a Moog Slim Phatty
  • Most Original Composition Award – Waen Shepherd, who won a Moog MIDI MuRF

Beyond that, it looks like Spectrasonics started making up categories, because there were so many great entries. Some of the other categories listed on the site are Funkiest Gumbo, Switched On Tribute and Wildest Poetry Slam.

The Real Winners

The biggest winners of the Spectrasonics contest are probably the synth freaks of the world.

The contest was a benefit for The Bob Moog Foundation – an organization that seeks to preserve the legacy of Moog and his work.

The Contest and Spectrasonic’ Bob Moog Tribute Library raised record-breaking funds for the Foundation, which is not only preserving work of Bob Moog, but planning an awesome Moogseum.

6 thoughts on “Torley Wins The OMG-1 Synthesizer!

  1. I wonder if he’ll be doing a “Project Preset” for his newest toy as well? 😉 I’ll bet that thing is capable of some wicked sounds.

  2. I said it in the more recent post, but the man deserves it. His videos are fun and inspiring and seems like a really great guy.
    Congrats Torley, looking forward to the videos on it. 🙂

  3. One of the internet’s most distinguished synthesizer nerds wins a custom, one-of-a-kind synthesizer crafted by another enormous synthesizer nerd in a contest to honor one of the most legendary synthesizer nerds of all time held by synthesizer nerds, for synthesizer nerds, on the internet.

    Yep, that all adds up.

    Congrats, Torley, you’re a whole lot of awesome.

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