Beethoven’s 5th, As Performed By Jordan Rudess

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Sunday Synth Jam: Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess performs his take on Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, using the “brilliantly bizarre” VidRhythm video sampler for iOS.

Note: VidRhythm basically lets you sample video and then uses it to play back from a selection of songs.

6 thoughts on “Beethoven’s 5th, As Performed By Jordan Rudess

    • This guy is just having fun, and the staff here liked it.

      Its so much easier to simply skip posts you don’t care about.

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  1. That was delightful! I appreciate a guy who remembers that music is supposed to be fun. The only thing that could improve that performance is if he worked in a duet with a chicken.

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  2. horrible. it’s not fun or funny at all. i can’t stand his face. i’m annoyed at seeing 1 rudess face, and here he makes us painfully watch 5 bad synth faces. uh…sample cheez wiz is more like it.

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