EerieSynth, A Microtonal Synthesizer For Android

Android Music Software: This is sneak preview of EerieSynth, described as a “microtonal synthesizer” for Android.

It’s not clear from the demo what synthesis capabilities ? has, but the approach to mapping the x/y coordinates of the tablet seems very similar to the approach taken by developer Jim Heintz with his SynthX iPad app.

via metabog:

A demo of a new app I’m working on. It’s not ready yet, but it will be soon.

2 thoughts on “EerieSynth, A Microtonal Synthesizer For Android

  1. Hey, this is EerieSynth’s developer.

    First off, thanks for the article!
    The synth runs PureData inside it, meaning that the synthesis capabilities are as complex as I want to make them. In a separate screen you will be able to play with the controls of a 3-oscillator analog-like synth (think minimoog), but there will be no or limited envelopes, since the Y axis control allows you to be more expressive in controlling the timbre. There will also be some independent effects, there already is a programmable delay, and there will be a chorus and probably distortion. I want it to be a nice usable instrument and not a toy.


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