Don’t Buy This Synth 8 Times (Mobilesynth)


Mobilesynth, by Allen Porter, is a free, an open source synthesizer, targeted initially for the iPhone. It’s a free download in the App Store.

Because Mobilesynth is open source, it’s available for other developers to reuse and repackage.

Johnnyg0 notes, at PalmSounds, that these apps are based on the open source MobileSynth:

  1. Fermion
  2. Mobeat
  3. Core Synth
  4. Moogie Synth
  5. OL Synth
  6. iSynthesizer Pro
  7. iDousyn
  8. Gravsynth

The apps vary in how much they add beyond what’s in the original Mobilesynth.

There are both commercial and free variants. So, if you see a commercial Mobilesynth variant, make sure it adds something useful, so you don’t find yourself buying the same synth multiple times.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Buy This Synth 8 Times (Mobilesynth)

  1. Like I said on Palm Sounds : GravSynth is the most original of them. It has an interesting way of playing with the gyroscope to change the sequence. I had no clue it was based on MobileSynth until I read about it on MS Google code page.

    Pretty much all the other ones looks like Mobile Synth with another skin, but I haven’t tryed them all so I can’t confirm this.

  2. Seems like it would be better to share code for iPhone apps with some sort of non-commercial license.

    Kind of a rip-off to take somebody’s free synth change the colors of the graphics and then charge for it, isn’t it?

  3. basically what he’s saying is… all mobile synth apps sound like synthedit apps compared to vsts…

    they are dime a dozen, early stages of development and identical in sound with added features…

    lacking in the dsp power they are nothing more the over inflated toys and digital scratch pads…

    or unoriginal stock sounding basic synthedit goodness…

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