Radiohead Does SNL, Has Great Taste In Synths

Sunday Synth Jam: Anybody else catch the Radiohead performance on SNL, last night?

Both of their performances made interesting use of a Moog Minimoog Voyager, Dave Smith Instruments Prophet ’08, guitar pedal effects on Thom Yorke’s vocals and more.

6 thoughts on “Radiohead Does SNL, Has Great Taste In Synths

  1. Recently I had all but given up on SNL.
    It looks like SNL is pulling out all the stops.
    Alec Baldwin is one of my favorite hosts and Radiohead is one of my favorite bands.

    Love the sound of that Prophet 8.

  2. Radiohead = Cool
    Alec Baldwin = Tool

    ’nuff said. Love the sound of the effects boxes on the lead singer’s voice though. Pretty original sound, big ups to them.

  3. Seems like maybe they didn’t mean for the Moog to be quite so out on the upper bits. I like how the synth dude almost didn’t make it over to the voyager towards the end.

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