Camel Audio Brings Alchemy To iPhone, iPad

Alchemy Mobile

Camel Audio has introduced Alchemy Mobile, the iOS version of its Alchemy software synthesizer.

Two versions are available: a free and a “Pro Upgrade”. The free version is basically a tweakable preset synth, offering 25 sounds to work with.

Here’s a demo video, via reader :

Alchemy Mobile Free features:

  • remix pad to morph between sound variations and create your own sound
  • 16 performance controls so you can easily tweak sounds to fit your music
  • most powerful iOS synthesis engine with VA, sampler, granular and additive resynthesis
  • external MIDI keyboard support
  • loop player with 25 drum loops included
  • copy and paste support for easy integration with sequencers
  • built in keyboard with scalable keys
  • one touch major and minor chords
  • iPad native version included
  • 25 sounds with 25 more free when you register
  • add on sound libraries available as in-app purchases

Pro Upgrade features:

  • remote control of Alchemy or Alchemy Player on your desktop computer
  • download Mobile version of any desktop sound libraries you own for free
  • 125 sounds
  • 50 loops

Details on both versions are available in the App Store.

If you’ve used Alchemy Mobile, let us know what you think of it!

19 thoughts on “Camel Audio Brings Alchemy To iPhone, iPad

  1. Nice nice nice, and for free, been playing with it for the last 20 minutes and definetely many usable and good saounds…i also plugged into an joe meek mc2 all going out an analog mixer and well, it makes me think, how such a small thing can come out with so nice sounds….definetely one of the best ipad synths i’ve tried…thanks alchemy, will be using it for creative purposes…

  2. Mmmmm synth-a-licious. Just played with it for a few minutes and it sounds very good. A little aliasing when you use the morph pad on held chords, but that might also just be my iPad1 trying to keep up with the synth. Amazing that they can pack the sound of Alchemy into a tiny little App on the iPad.

  3. I played around with it for half an hour today. There are some great sounds in there, but the amount of parameters to edit is minimal. Still it offers good playability with the two X-Y pads. I’ll be upgrading mine to the Pro version later.

  4. “download Mobile version of any desktop sound libraries you own for free”

    Wow! I’m looking forward to seeing how these sound. I’ve got a handful of the libraries, and Alchemy is one of my two go-to synths in Logic.

  5. I really like this synth. Looks to be the most expensive isynth to date, if you want all the upgrades, but at least it seems like you get A LOT for your money (fairlight I’m looking at you.) really usable stuff, and looks to only get better through updates.

  6. Maybe I need to spend some more time with it, but the whole “tweakable preset” thing on the free version isn’t really doing it for me. Is the Pro version the same thing with more “presets”? I’ve heard the full computer plugin version is absolutely amazing, but I don’t have it, so maybe I was expecting too much from the iPad, or don’t realize how it is supposed to work.

    1. Well, release date for the iPhone 3G was in 2008 so I can see that that would be an issue possibly with just the brute force processing power of it’s CPU (based on a device that’s already over 3 years old). Changing devices “once a year” is a bit of an overstatement. However, it’s pretty typical that audio apps tend to push the envelope for processor and memory requirements.

  7. Does any one can give a good example on how best to export the created file by Alchemy in to Imaschine – or is this not possible via the Cloud?

    Many thanks,


  8. anyone have any luck using the Alesis I/O dock with this app.. I downloaded the app, upgraded to pro…LOVE IT !! bought 10 more sound libraries and recently purchased the Alesis Dock…Cant get this app to work with it at all, which is a shame cause i was planning on making this my main live synth interface now…

    Havent found anything official yet on if it is or is not compatible, any help would be stellar !!!!

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