Maschine Mikro Now Available – Here Are The Details

Native Instruments has announced that Maschine Mikro, an entry level version of its Maschine groove production system, is now available.

Maschine Mikro includes the full-featured Maschine  software, with its pattern-based live and step sequencing, VST and AU plug-in hosting, real-time audio recording, sample editing and advanced multi-effects.

With version 1.7 software version, Maschine Mikro also provides integration with the instruments and effects in the Komplete 8 and Komplete 8 Ultimate bundle.

Maschine Mikro is available now for a suggested retail price of $399 / 349 EUR.

6 thoughts on “Maschine Mikro Now Available – Here Are The Details

  1. This is something I’m keeping an eye out for as well. The original Maschine hardware wasn’t top notch, there are many cases of hardware failure, and funny enough I experienced some of those myself as well. My main gripe with it were dials which sometimes felt very cheap. This one otoh looks like 1 sturdy dial and the rest is covered by the keys. And the quality of the keys is very good, so there should be no problem there.

    I personally didn’t really like this video one bit. I mean; anyone can show off with Maschine but what does that tell us about the controller itself ?

    The NI introduction to Maschine is IMO much more interesting since it fully explains what you can do with the Mikro version:

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