Propellerhead Reason 6 Now Available

Propellerhead Software has released Reason 6, a major update to the popular music app; Reason Essentials, an entry-level version; and Balance with Reason Essentials, an audio interface for Mac and Windows integrated with Reason Essentials software.

Regular readers have already seen a lot on Reason 6, including our guide to what’s new in Reason 6.

Now that it’s out though, we’d like to know what you think of it. Let us know in the comments!

Details and pricing below.

Here are the details on each:

Reason 6

Combining all the features from Record, Reason version 6 adds audio recording and editing, along with Propellerhead’s mixing console with modeled EQ and dynamics on every channel, multiple parallel racks, Line 6 amp models, new effect devices, time/tempo stretch plus additional features.

New creative effects designed for using directly with instruments or inserting into tracks include:

  • Pulveriser, sound crushing effect with crunchy compression, dirty distortion and flexible modulation;
  • The Echo, advanced stereo echo with modern delay and analog tape echo emulation; and
  • Alligator, a three band pattern gate for complex rhythmic texturing.

Interface enhancements, high definition audio transpose and true 64-bit compatibility highlight other new feature improvements.

Reason Essentials

Distilled from the core of Reason, Reason Essentials contains a selection of instruments and effects in a virtual rack that builds itself, or can be customized—drum machine, loop player, sampler, synths, reverb, delay, distortion, mastering effects and more.

For guitar players, the built-in virtual guitar and bass POD from Line 6 bring a wide range of top quality guitar amps, cabinets and effects.

Balance with Reason Essentials

Balance, a two-in by two-out audio interface for Mac and Windows, is designed for the single person operated home/project studio.

Fully USB 2 powered with separate volume controls for monitors and headphones, it contains 8 input connections to keep all instruments, mics and devices connected and ready to record with the press of a button—without software pop-ups or control panels.

Owners of Reason or Record who purchase Balance will automatically receive the Reason 6 upgrade as a download for free.


  • Reason 6 – EUR €405 / USD $449
  • Reason Essentials – EUR €279 / USD $299
  • Balance with Reason Essentials – EUR €499 / USD $499
    (Includes a free upgrade to Reason 6 for any registered Record or Reason owner)
  • Reason 6 Upgrade EUR €149 / USD $169
    (from any Reason version, Reason Essentials and Balance)
  • Reason 6 Upgrade from Record-Reason Duo before October 31, 2011 – Pay What You Want starting at €1.00 / $1.00. After October 31, 2011 (worldwide) – EUR €149 / USD $169

7 thoughts on “Propellerhead Reason 6 Now Available

  1. It’s just so so good. So slick. I’m previously a Record user and this is pretty much identical to the layout of that, but with a ton of new instruments and effects. Well worth the upgrade price. The Echo, especially, sounds heavenly.

    I record my band, so it’s all live drums, live guitars, some drum machines, bass and vocals and pretty much zero of the synths or processing you would normally associate with Reason, but knowing I can do all that I want from within that package shows how powerful it is. I don’t care about plugins and, weirdly enough, I enjoy the restriction of only being able to use what is built-in. Keeps it simple and keeps me focused.

    5 Stars 🙂

  2. The new effects are fantastic quality and and are so well designed. Look at the thousand of delay effects in the VST world and the Propellerhead’s have still managed to come up with something unique and very usable with “The Echo”. Instant beat repeat and glitch machine. The Pulveriser is great for adding some subtle analogue warmth and dirt as well as totally smashing up the sound and provides a new set of filters. And being Reason they have all the connections on the back so you can build your own uber devices.
    I’ve ditched all my VST stuff and gone totally with Reason now. The workflow is better and so is the quality of results I’m getting.

  3. A little update to say I really LOVE the Pulveriser. It makes every patches fresh and new, as in new vintage old sounds 🙂
    You can tell those are totally new algorithm for simulating amp, delays and filter FX. beside the Pulveriser.

    I just wish Balance could be a separate item.

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