Free TouchContinuum Touchscreen Music Controller Software Now Available

Remember our recent post on TouchContinuum open source multitouch control software?

Developer Cyril Stoller sent word that the software is now available for download and he created this video demo to celebrate. The shredding starts about 30 seconds in.

Here’s how Stoller describes TouchContinuum:

This application is a multitouch instrument in form of a virtual piano keyboard. It is able to handle the tone pitch in a “continuous” manner. Means, you can drag a pressed note up and down the keyboard to change its pitch as well as back and forward to apply some modulation on the tone.

The application is made in honor of the great but also costly Haaken Continuum Fingerboard.

NOTE: This application only features a MIDI output to connect to a hardware or software synthesizer. There are no internal sounds at the moment!

TouchContinuum is an app that runs on the multi-platform Kivy framework, which is designed for creating multi-touch applications.

If you build your own TouchContinuum setup, we’d love to hear about it. Leave a note in the comments or add a link to your photos or videos!

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