The MacBeth MK1 Vortex Synthesizer

Ken MacBeth, of MacBeth Studio Systems, takes his new MacBeth MK1 Vortex prototype for a analog tweak-a-thon.

Here’s what he’s got to say about his latest analog synthgasm:

Here we have a demo of the Macbeth Mk1 VORTEX Desktop Analogue Synthesizer Module.

For those who know the format- this is a 5U, 6 Space compact flat unit! It started out as the ‘MicroMac’- an ambitious idea. This is a a complete **starter** modular synthesizer in a very small area.

Anyway, well it’s done. Here is a video of this thing.

Personally I’m pleased- this small unit can provide the user with the sound of a big modular system- it’s an entry point fot those wondering. The video content itself meanderders and only the die-hard will watch to the end! Some synth manufacturers give tiny examples of the sound of their gear- I tend to long drawn out stuff to give the potential user the feel of the instrument being used in a permance way.

I’m rock and roll myself, so please excuse the personal feel to this thing! Please enjoy the 15 minutes of this one…………Ken M

Note: This demo is of the MacBeth MK1 Vortex synthesizer prototype.

Pricing and availability are to be announced. In the meantime, you can drool.

Let us know what you think about the MacBeth MK1 Vortex synth in the comments!

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16 thoughts on “The MacBeth MK1 Vortex Synthesizer

    1. Avionics is a great word to hide mlitary hardware .
      Play it down all you want.
      My last comment has been removed, it was hardly provocative!! What tedious cencorship, considering Mr Ken Mac is proud of using companies who are in the arms/weapons trade.

      1. Your comment has not been removed.

        “Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.”

        It is not displayed, by default, because the feedback on it is 16 to 1 negative.

      2. I don’t know if you’re joking or you are high. Surely you can’t be both sober and serious? What proof do you have? Do you tend to go up on your high horse about random synth manufacturers? Are you one of those silly “theory” people? If all you do is say silly and stupid things, shape up or ship out, friend.

  1. And what’s the reason behind such harsh critique?
    So Far Must say that it seems quite similar to other synths in this cathegory (like some MFB stuff), albeit with its own sound. I must say that I’m quite intrigued to know more about it (like some specs, price, release timeframe for instance).

  2. Mr Macbeth, tell’s us he gets parts for his synths via companies who manufacture for the arms industries, DIATRON AND ZOT ENGINEERING. Something not quite right about buying a synthesiser made up of components from a basically an industry whose work leads to the butchering of people.
    no wonder he remains unpopular.

  3. Crikey! How serious………just making a product here for folks to enjoy! And regard manufacturing for the arms industry go check the companies websites. It’s not just avionics, but medical and indeed other music manufacturers too!…..have fun, Ken

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Ken. Different strokes for different folks. It’s good that synthesists have so many options available.

      Let us know as you have more info on this!

  4. Well Arms- that’s not me censoring this thing, I’ve nothing to do with that- and I do welcome your comments. Basically I imply on my website that some of the manufacture is produced to a medical/military/aircraft standard- and what that means is the metalwork and pcbs are built to the highest engineering standards- I’m not proud of any companies’ involvement in the arms trade!
    I guess that we are surrounded by technologies in our homes that use electronic parts derived from the R&D that came from military/aerospace development. I can’t name the companies- but the large semiconductor corporations supply to both consumer and military and always have done- think about consumer products like Cell Phones, Laptops, PCs, automotive, audio/music equipment, photgraphic etc.- that stuff is all in there too.
    I do take your point here, but it is very hard to find any company that doesn’t cross over between consumer and military production certainly on the semiconductor front.

    1. Don’t worry, my man. It’s either a bot or a really weird hippie with strange conspiracy theories. Not a good mix, really. 😉

  5. Ken makes top quality stuff that wish to fuck I could afford! I can’t imagine why anyone would slag him off for using top quality parts just because the parts meet some military spec. That just means they are really reliable. And that means expensive.

    I could see something like this being the centerpiece of my life rig…

  6. sounds great, i’d like to see the face of the synth.

    In usa and many countries,
    anyone who pays taxes is having a hefty portion their money ripped off by the war pigs.

  7. Sounds awesome Ken, I WANT ONE! Hurry up and finish the darn thing.
    (Might as well get my money’s worth out of our military industrial complex that I’m financing anyway.)


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