LiveRig MIDI Controller

Developer PullRibbon has introduced LiveRig MIDI Controller (App Store link), an app designed to turn any USB MIDI device into a wireless MIDI device.


  • Perform without any 3rd party software or hardware.
  • Transform a USB MIDI Device into a Wireless MIDI Device.
  • Logic Environment & MainStage Templates accessible via iTunes File Sharing.
  • Simple yet powerful control over MIDI messages.
  • Fader control system providing 134mm faders at your fingertips.
  • Configure and integrate into a live or studio setup using the Connection Rack.
  • Transparency of channels and control codes simplifying all MIDI messages.
  • Built for CoreMIDI and Multi-Core devices.
  • Knobs, Encoders, Faders & Buttons use MIDI Control Change messages.
  • MIDI Machine Code available for transport controls.
  • Incoming MIDI Time Code displayed on the main LCD in realtime.

LiveRig MIDI is $14.99.

If you’ve used LiveRig MIDI, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

10 thoughts on “LiveRig MIDI Controller

  1. I’m still not clear what this app does. All devs really need to have a demo vid of there app to show prospective customers the feature set of their products.
    Their website is also extremely minimal with no explanation of what the app does and a single image of the app in action. It also informs you that you can find out more by buying the app and using the in app help. Unbelievable.

  2. Well, it looks like it’s a few things. First, it’s a simple 8-track controller. Second, it’s a wireless MIDI bridge, so if connect a midi controller to it via USB, it sends the data over CoreMIDI via wi-fi. Marginally useful, if you’re host machine is far away but you have a wi-fi network you can connect to. Annoying lack of information, though.

  3. I’ve been waiting for this. One step closer to getting the computer off the stage.

    I do wonder about its compatibility with USB MIDI devices that require a software handshake before becoming operational (Maschine, Launchpad, etc), and in many cases I would imagine a powered USB hub will need to be in the mix.

    Nice to know it’s possible, though.

  4. This has been a long time coming! Wireless MIDI is great. While I disagree with the above post (in electronic music, especially in dance music, the laptop will never be completely forced off the stage – even guys like deadmau5 who rely on multiple controllers still need to occasionally check their computers to do things like select the next track, make sure their loops are in time, etc…) it’s good to see that technology is moving in a way in which the computer’s presence on the stage will become increasingly marginalized in the future.

    If that makes any sense.

  5. a visit to the website is so underwhelming! It’s like a game of “Guess What This Application Does?”… but like the comments above if I’m correct in my assumptions then this should be great.

  6. I disagree with the person who disagrees with me.

    In dance music *especially* the notion of removing the computer from the stage is as close to reality as it’s ever been.

    A significant number of performers are doing everything in the box with controllers that are sending nothing but zeroes and ones (and even when they’re manipulating playback with timecoded vinyl spinning around on top of real life turntables, in many cases they’re still plugging into an audio interface that’s sending–you guessed it–zeroes and ones).

    Pure data patches that relay track, library, and transport information from Traktor, Live, and other programs to any number of touchscreen apps (which generally also act as controllers) have long since been written. Patches for Pd, Max/M4L, and other platforms can even intelligently generate the most useful controls on those touchscreen controllers depending on context.

    Now those same devices can add “wireless bridge” to their list of tricks. We’re not “there” yet, but I’m excited about the implications of this.

  7. looks like the site has good info on it to me. not sure why you think it doesn’t.

    anyways, picked this app up a few days ago. the above description of “an app designed to turn any USB MIDI device into a wireless MIDI device.” is really just one of the apps features, not THE feature. yes, it does make my midi keyboard wireless but its use as a midi control surface is where it’s at. I quickly set it up with mainstage and the iklip mic stand. sweet. buttons, levels right there on my mic stand, and fast. I’m thinking about picking up iConnectMIDI and using it with that.

    1. I just purchased the app. I’m having difficulty getting it to function with the mainstage template– I can create the network easily but can’t seem to get midi going in either direction. The help is minimal. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

    2. i am trying to get liverigg to control MainStage. not having any success.It looks like it would be a great app.
      I don’t have a problem creating a network but liverigg is supposed to be set up to control MainStage yet no success. I would appreciate any help in getting this up and running any answers

  8. I have the same problem with connection. I have followed all the instruction for wireless connection from ipad to computer. My main purpose is use iPad to control mainstage on computer. However , it did not work, can any one tell me what did I lost?

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