Moogfest Panels To Feature Electronic Music Mavericks, Legends And Pioneers

The Bob Moog Foundation has announced its lineup of educational events for MoogFest 2011. 

If you are attending MoogFest, make sure you check out the schedule, because the event will offer a rare opportunity to learn about synths and their history from ‘music mavericks, legends and pioneers.

Here’s the schedule:

Convergence – Hardware and Software Integration in the 21st Century & The Award of OMG-1 One-Of-A-Kind Synth (Friday, 3pm)

The creation of electronic music has always relied on exploring all technologies available. In the modern context, that often means transcending the divide between the tactile experience of hardware devices and the ever-increasing capabilities of computers. An incredible panel of sonic explorers moderated by Spectrasonics’ founder Eric Persing will investigate the challenges of how electronic instruments can reach their ultimate potential through the convergence of multiple technologies.

During this panel, Persing will be awarding his one-of-a-kind OMG-1 synthesizer to the winner of the OMG-1 Contest, Torley Wong. You won’t want to miss this historical moment!


  • Eric Persing (moderator)
  • Torley Wong
  • Diego Stocco
  • Tara Busch
  • Marc Doty
  • Amos Gaynes

When & Where: Friday, 3:00 @ the Moogaplex

Mavericks of Sound Design (Saturday, 12pm)

In this extraordinary panel, some of today’s most innovative sound sculptors will share insights into the visionary techniques and ideas behind their craft. Listen in as this meeting of the minds compares and explores cutting edge sound creation concepts they use in their work.


  • Eric Persing (moderator)
  • Diego Stocco
  • Richard Devine
  • Scott Gershin

When & Where: Saturday, 12:00 PM @ the Moogaplex

The First Moog Rep – Remembering Walter Sears’ Pivotal Role in the Moog Legacy

(Saturday, 4:30)

Walter Sear’s impact on Bob Moog’s early career cannot be overstated. He was Bob’s first representative, selling theremins and a little known run of R.A. Moog, Co. amplifiers. Based in NYC, he helped Bob grow his theremin business in the mid-1960s and quickly transitioned into pioneering the sale of Moog Modular synthesizers in the late 1960s. You may recognize Walter’s name from his conversation with Bob in the “Moog” documentary or from mention of his legendary studio, Sear Sound. Walter Sear passed away in April 2010. His fascinating legacy will be explored through incredible documents from Bob’s archives other collections.


  • Brian Kehew
  • Herb Deutsch
  • Dick Hyman

Where & When: Saturday, 4:30 PM @ the Moogaplex

Pioneering Moog in Live Performance (Sunday, 12pm)

Ever thought about what it was like to play a Moog Modular synthesizer or an early Minimoog live back in the late 1960s and early 1970s? It was nothing less than a creative adventure. Our panelists are all pioneering musicians having forged the path of synthesis in live performance when it was in its infancy. With no chance for edits or do-overs, raw talent, knowledge, and a healthy dose of the innovative spirit were the guiding factors as these musicians blazed new trails for music and music lovers alike. Don’t miss the unforgettable stories and reflections that will be shared in this panel!


  • Brian Kehew (moderator)
  • Herb Deutsch
  • Dick Hyman
  • David Borden
  • Larry Fast

When & Where: Sunday, 12:00 PM @ the Moogaplex

Journey to the Center of the Theremin with Neon Indian, Dorit Chrysler & Albert Glinsky (Sunday, 1:30)

Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo is joined by theremin goddess Dorit Chrysler, and Leon Theremin biographer Albert Glinsky to take you on a time traveling voyage to the epicenter of the theremin past, present and future.


  • Brian Kehew (moderator)
  • Alan Palomo (Neon Indian)
  • Albert Glinsky
  • Dorit Chyrsler

When & Where: Sunday, 1:30 PM @ the Moogaplex

Sun Ra and Beyond: Exploring Rare Recordings from Bob’s Archives (Sunday 3pm)

Delve deep into the depths of Bob Moog’s historical archives and explore newly restored vintage recordings from the reel-to-reel tapes in the collection. Thanks to two grants from the Grammy Foundation, the Bob Moog Foundation has spent the past two years lovingly and carefully restoring nearly 100 tapes from the archives, including a tape from jazz fusion legend Sun Ra playing the prototype version Minimoog Model B. You’ll hear some astounding music as well as early recordings of Bob and his colleagues forging their way in educating people about the capabilities of the brand new sonic contraption called a synthesizer. Sit back and open your ears – -these recordings will blow your mind!


  • Brian Kehew
  • Seva Ball

When & Where: Sunday, 3:00 PM @ the Moogaplex

Pioneering Moog from the Tech Perspective (Sunday, 4:30)

Techs are the heart of any touring band as they are responsible for making sure all of the gear is in top working order. In the early days of synthesis, this was a much more complex task then it is now. This panel discussion will lend insight into what it took to make early tours with such bands as ELP, Herbie Hancock, Peter Gabriel, and Nektar a success.


  • Brian Kehew (moderator)
  • Bryan Bell (Herbie Hancock, Santana, John McLaughlin)
  • August Worley (ELP)
  • Larry Fast (Peter Gabriel, Nektar)

When & Where: Sunday, 4:30 PM @ the Moogaplex

The Bob Moog Foundation will be responsible for the historical content at Moogfest, including items from Dr. Bob’s Archives such as rarely seen vintage photographs and historic audio clips from recently restored reel-to-reel tapes.

All panels, demonstrations, and workshops will take place between Noon and 6:30 PM EST at the Moogaplex, located at the Haywood Park Hotel complex at 1 Battery Park Avenue in downtown Asheville, just a stone’s throw from many of the music venues. They are first come, first serve for those who bought either weekend passes or have a pass for that particular day.

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  1. Wish I could be there this year. Was able to attend last year — what a treat! Brian Kehew is an extremely knowlegeable guy and a very good presenter.. Extremely personable and good natured moderator. The workshop sessions last year were time very well spent. It was great to see and meet some legendary folks. Seeing Dave Van Koevering talk — that was a pleasure I never thought I’d get to experience! I highly recommend that people going to Moogfest attempt to modulate their hangovers each day, just enough to hit the talks.

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