Wolfgang Palm’s Plex Synthesizer Updated, Now Free For Windows Users

Plex Synthesizer

Wolfgang Palm has released Plex 2 as a free download for Windows users:

I had done some extensions on Plex, just for myself during the last years. Doing that, I found the sounds Plex produces interesting again.

So I decided to do a new version, and offer it for free.

The new features are:

  • Automatisation of the icon positions on the palette.
  • All filters with emphasis parameter
  • Tools to easily change the palette content

Details at the download site.

If you’ve used Plex, let us know what you think of it!

via bedroomproducersblog

10 thoughts on “Wolfgang Palm’s Plex Synthesizer Updated, Now Free For Windows Users

  1. PC Only, are they crazy? If I have to use Windows, as backward, antiquated and problem-ridden as that, I will never use this synth. I have more important things to do with my time, than experience “Patch Tuesday” every week. Never-mind, Wolfgang, go back to your delusions.

  2. It’s free Barry. Don’t use it then you ungrateful twat. Jeez. : )

    This is a synth concept that didn’t catch on but was really cool. I keep a crappy windows machine working just to run Plex.

    Plex2? I never dreamed. Danke Wolfgang.

  3. Wolfgang Palm is a name that belongs in the same group as Tom Oberheim, Dave Smith and Robert Moog. Guys like that. He is always positive and gracious when you message him with some inane question on FaceBook. He deserves respect for what he has contributed to the evolution of synthesis and is very generous to update Plex and make it available for nothing.

    I would love to see him take this idea into an iPad app.

  4. Windows professional user here. No problems at all with the OS for more than 10 years…

    THANK YOU Mr. Palm!!! You might not have the praise that Bob Moog had, but you don’t try to sell your technology and name for $$$$ neither.

  5. I bought Plex I and loved it. Now I am using II and it is incredible. The virtual synths are out shining the hardware units and just keep getting better. I have created tons of custom samples with plex. I am a natural born button pusher and love to tweak and it seems Plex was made for me. Thanks Wolfgang, you have always been a top notch kind of guy and are a member of the elite. By the way, I also have the PPG.

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