76 Synthesizer No Longer Just A Fantasy

76 Synthesizer

Saturday Synth Porn: Nearly a year ago, we put up a post about Jonas Ericksson’s 76 Synthesizer, which was at that time a design concept for a software synthesizer.

Since then, 76 Synthesizer has moved from being a design concept to being a released software synth, available in the App Store for $1.99.

76 Synthesizer is a virtual analog monophonic synth for the iPad. Inspired by synthesizers from the 70’s.


  • Three Oscillators with sine, sawtooth, triangle, square waves and switchable filter LFO.
  • Voltage controlled filter
  • ADSR
  • Glide
  • Pitch bend/modulation touch pad
  • Three octave touch pad for note input with nine different scales
  • Eight different effects: reverb, phaser, flanger, chorus, overdrive, delay, tremolo and vocoder— tap the outputs to patch into two effects simultaneously
  • Eight different writable presets
  • Stunning retro interface

Since we first reported on 76 Synthesizer, the world of iPad software synthesizers has matured. Many readers will probably wonder about MIDI support, which appears to be missing in action on the synth.

If you’ve used 76 Synthesizer, let us know what you think of it!

11 thoughts on “76 Synthesizer No Longer Just A Fantasy

  1. Like it, very inspiretional and good sounding, but lacks recording and copy/paste audio to my mind. Midi too 🙂
    But in all other ways gret synth thingy.

  2. Gorgeous interface coupled with uninspiring sounding synth engine.
    Oh… and did I mention NO Core MIDI..?!
    OK, the bottom line is: you can get this thing for $1.99 or you can get Animoog for $0.99…
    Hmmm, what will it be 😉

  3. We don’t get too many apps with a really well designed interface but that stopped (or should stop) being a selling point once the idea of well designed apps came to be. Every app should be gorgeous, or at least stylish. This specific one suffers from a major design flaw with knob tweaking – you swipe your finger and it swipes the screen. Only a prolonged finger laying commits the touch to the knob and that’s just…. annoying. otherwise the sound is pretty basic.

  4. Do NOT buy this one, there are SOOOO many much better ones out there. A total waste of even $1.99 and that is supposed to be an introductory price… lulz 🙂

    The interface looks nice but is not a good use of the screensize of the ipad at all. i.e. you easily miss the small dials and ends up on the next screenpage.

    Sorry Mr Niven, but you have to do better for the buck than that in 2011… 🙁

    Just my two cents,

  5. no core midi- no cookies

    i second that animoog has raised the bar for available softsynths on the ipad and judging by the featureset 76 synth won’t tempt me. the interface looks very nice though

    1. Graphic design is fantastic, but if you’re wanting to make music, there are a lot of better synths: NLog, Sunrizer, Arctic Keys. It’s odd to release this synth without midi as it only takes a couple of days to add simple coremidi support. Also, I just tested the average latency on this synth from touch to sound on my iPad 1, and it’s over 200ms. For comparison, most hardware synths are around 10ms or less.

  6. I have to say, that thing looks quite beautiful. I love the colours. It looks warm, which could be a good thing for a synthesizer. You know, inspiring thoughts of warmth. Maybe it sounds warm, too?

    Haven’t tried it though. Sorry, still pretty much glued to my Animoog (okay, okay, I’m just playing The Secret of Monkey Island and surfing for news. Jeez) whenever I’m on the Ipad.

  7. Nyhds… You have guessed right so take the plunge and make the purchase. This synth does have a warm sound that is reminds me of the bygone era. I bet you users haven’t even noticed that the lighting warms up when you start this thing. I also notice a slight flicker coming from the power light. You can tell some of the naysayers above are youngsters… They just aren’t getting the retro sound thing at all.

  8. Just thought of one criticism for this app… It doesn’t have the scent of oiled mahogany after using it for few minutes. If it had that the retro experience would be complete!

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