Pocket Piano MIDI

Boutique synth maker Critter And Guitari have introduced the Pocket Piano MIDI, a $275 six-mode synth module.

The Pocket Piano MIDI has the same functionality as the original Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano synthesizer, but adds MIDI functionality.

It is both a sound module and a controller, sending and receiving MIDI note messages, and MIDI clock signals.

As a controller, the Pocket Piano MIDI sends out key presses as note messages, useful for triggering other synthesizers, samplers, or software. As a sound module, the Pocket Piano MIDI responds to all 88 notes of a full size piano, so you are not limited to the 16 key range of the Pocket Piano. Using a full size controller, you can take advantage of the Pocket Pianos unique sounds and arpeggiators over a much larger range.

The Pocket Piano MIDI also sends and receives MIDI clock, so you can synchronize the Pocket Piano’s arpeggiators with your drum machine, sequencer, or computer software. The Pocket Piano MIDI passes all received clock messages to its output, allowing you to chain Pocket Pianos together.

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  1. I actually like the pocket piano as an instrument (especially if the octave cascades transmit over midi) but yup, this video was hipster art film at its……..(best? worst?)…. most pure form.

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