7 thoughts on “One Man iPad Band Cover Of Radiohead’s Street Spirit

  1. If this is one man, how come his hands keep changing colour, eh?

    Can’t fault the music, though. Does the iPad come bundled with talent?

    1. I guess the changing colour you are talking about is the result of imperfect rotoscoping. You can also see that the background is shining through some of the iPads and that the borderlines flicker a bit.

      A nice idea nonetheless.

      1. @gerald thank you for your voice of reason. I am a musician, but a very amature video editor. I just discovered the ability to do green screen in my very basic “iMovie” program. The reason the hands are change in color is because I didn’t use any false lighting for my homemade green screen in the kitchen, I just used natural sunlight. As the night went on, it got darker in my kitchen, which resulted in different shades of “hands.” PS – thanks to the publisher who posted my video, I’ve had more views today than I ever have.

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