FL Studio Mobile For Android (Sneak Preview)

Image-Line released this development preview of FL Studio Mobile for Android, which shows the virtual studio running on a Samsung Galaxy S II and a Motorola Xoom.

One of the biggest people had when FL Studio Mobile was introduced was whether there would be an Android version.

Note: Image Line’s official word on FL Studio Mobile for Android is this:

“Please do NOT expect a release version in the near future. We still have a long way to go.”

 Here are their latest development updates for FL Studio Mobile for Android:

  • FL Studio Android development had progressed considerably.
  • Screen resolution issues have been dealt with.
  • Work is continuing on the low-latency audio engine.

15 thoughts on “FL Studio Mobile For Android (Sneak Preview)

    1. The question is will how much will people care when touch apps for Windows 8 tablets will appear.

      How good can Mobile FL Studio be compared to a touch optimized version of the complete FL Studio?

  1. Probably 2 years till android is on-par, and i personally think android will outgrow iOS after they reach parity, although that might be optimistic.

    Also, it’s possible that at some point in the future you could find an android tablet with built in midi (5-pin and usb), balanced 1/4 output, and a touch screen that’d put the lemur to shame. You’ll never get that with the ipad. Android is going to be the future of tablet-music, not because it’s better, but because the hardware will vary far and wide, and be cheaper than a ipad.

    1. I’m interested to see how this develops.

      I’m skeptical about the idea of an uber Android music tablet, though, because there are so many devices for developers to support, so why would they want to limit themselves to one hardware setup?

    2. The suggested configuration in your second paragraph sounds exactly like an iPad with an Alesis IO Dock. I can go out and get one today without having to wait for some imaginary device in the indeterminate future. It’s a bad assumption to think that Apple will stop innovating on the iOS platform while Android tries to catch up and achieve parity.

      For the sake of competition I think it would be great, however I fear that the popularity of the Amazon Kindle Fire, which stands to be the most popular android tablet available, may slow things a bit for innovation with third party developers, as it runs on Android 2.3, and not the more powerful 3.x platform. Since developers will tend to develop for the version with the greatest installed base, this could be problematic for pushing the capabilities of the platform for more specialized niches (like ours).

  2. This app has fast composition abilities, but very limited sound sources, and no sound editing abilities. The fact that Image Line put the FL name, (quite a proficient and fun bit of kit), to this crud ball is pretty sad.

  3. Seriously. Android will never overtake iOS for music, just like windows still lags behind the mac for professional music. I’m not trying to start a flame war, but outside mastering, where Sade on windows rules, every pro facility/engineer/musician is using a mac. I’m serious. Go to abbey road or ocean way and see if you can find a windows pc being used to record, programme, edit, or mix music. I have, and you can’t. Android is doomed to be a fragmented, cheap-ass mess, just like windows.

  4. The main problem with Android is latency. Unless that is fixed, music apps on Android will just be a pain.

    FL Studio Mobile is afaik the best composition tool for iPad. The best doesn’t really mean anything but what I also mean is that it’s a really good composition tool.
    I wish it sounded better though. Well the drums sounds great but as it’s all sample based the instruments the instruments are far from true softsynths.
    On the other hand, you always have the option to export the song to your PC and replace the sampled instruments with the best soft synths on the planet.

    GarageBand on the other hand does sound very good (a bit limited but still), but is total crap as a composition tool.

    iOS vs Android is not comparable with Mac vs Windows.
    Windows is and has been used in tons and tons of professional studios for oh so many years. Maybe there are more macs in the tops studios, but so what? They are also much more expensive.
    The point is that Windows is very usuable in a pro studio. Android is not usable even in a toy studio.

    1. Android has a long way to go before it can be compared in this way; e.g. Apple don’t push their OS out to 3rd party mobile phone manufacturers like HTC etc for a reason. With the Google “takeover” of Motorola Mobility on the way, maybe a standardisation of hardware and one OS under one roof may change it – but it feels a long, long way off.

  5. Just download “PocketBand/Uloops” in the google play store..and start make’n studio quality beats……and record vocals! No more waiting on FL Studios. Like me…..Joski Law! Youtube Joski Law “Fire in tha hole” my lastest beat made on pocketband!!!!!!! Trap muzic!

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