Rob Papen At Studio

Synthesist Michel van Osenbruggen ( sent word about a recent visit from sound designer Rob Papen to van Osenbruggen’s Apollo studio.

Papen is working on an upcoming book and DVD on sound design and synths and visited Apollo studio – which has a fantastic collection of classic and modern synth gear – to film segments.

This video, shot by van Osenbruggen, captures Papen while filming and offers both a taste of Papen’s new project a view into a fantastic synth studio.

6 thoughts on “Rob Papen At Studio

  1. Looks like an introduction to synthesis kind of thing, with a history tour built in. Kind of funny they announced it as a “DVD”.

  2. Dude looks a bit like Mr. Evil.

    This guy knows too much about synths. Does he release music?

    Btw I Didnßt know the arp 2600 was that small.

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