New iPad Music Show

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Sonic State is piloting a new Internet video show looking at the topic of iPad music software, iPad Show.

In the initial episode, SS’s Nick Batt and Gaz Williams take a look at some iPad mounting and protection options and also GEO Synthesizer, the latest App from Jordan Rudess’ Wizdom Music.

It’s their first episode – so let them know what you think!

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9 thoughts on “New iPad Music Show

  1. A little rough on the edges but not bad bad a pilot! Good job! They need to slow down when showing the products though, it seemed a little spazzy. Overall, I think it will grow into a very cool show.

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  2. Id like to see a different show with synths and junk too…The reviews are great, but I really wish they would just do the podcast as a Vlog…

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  3. “GEO Synthesizer, the latest App from Jordan Rudess”

    What about Rob Fielding?? He is the one behind it all.

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    • Rob is doing some really interesting stuff – actually making the iPad do things that are musically interesting and instruments that are challenging to play.

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  4. Thanks for the comments guys, we’ll try and slow things down a little, first time and the tech setup took a little longer than we’d hoped. It was done as a live take kind of show. We’ll figure out the pace as we do more.



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  5. Great show guys. Thanks!

    The only thing is you should get a non-reflective sticker on the ipad screen. Seeing the camera and face reflected on there is kind of distracting.


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