Can Your Phone Do This? (SampleTank Organ Demos)

Here’s an official demo of the organ patches in SampleTank for iPhone / iPod touch.

SampleTank is basically an app that turns an iOS device into a rompler synth.

SampleTank includes several different organ patches, including Hammond, Vox, Farfisa, church and pipe organs. Various drawbar organ instruments are included for blues, jazz, rock, pop, gospel, even hard rock and metal styles. Several pipe organ are also included from huge cathedral organs to more solemn soft church pipes.

IK’s DSP FX can add overdrive, chorus-vibrato, rotating speaker and reverb effects, also.

See the IK Multimedia site for SampleTank details.

16 thoughts on “Can Your Phone Do This? (SampleTank Organ Demos)

  1. “IK’s DSP FX can add overdrive, chorus-vibrato, rotating speaker and reverb effects, also.”

    How do they sound then? There was several points in that demo, that sounded “empty”, because there was no changing the rotary speed. I didn’t find any DSP effects from the free demo, but samples that had the effects “recorded” into them instead.

    Great sounds otherwise, but please, demonstrate the effects too!!!

    ….well, its not like very expensive application to try it out my self….

  2. My phone can’t do that. But it doesn’t matter since my phone can do what I expect from a phone: it enables me to do phone calls. When I want to use a rompler, I use my Yamaha workstation, which is a rompler, or I use Kontakt, which is much more.

    BTW: can I do phone calls with an iPhone? Not sure about that …

    1. You got some exeptionally large trousers if you can slip Motif and 10 miles of extension cord into them.

      When an inspiration strikes, the Motif might be hundreds of miles away, and then it would be nice to have an iPhone. And even then the Motif might be boring instrument for experimental sound designers.

      There are two kinds of phones:
      There are phones, and then there are iPhones, that you can do almost anything with. There really is an app for everything. I too was in denial and tried to resist the change, but the change is inevitable. Not everyone NEEDS an iPhone, but because Audio workstation doesn’t have to be bigger than your pockets anymore, any studio CAN USE an iOS software for great results. I love, I LOVE to play synth, design sounds and record ideas everywhere in the world; in bed, in buss, in a meeting, in bathroom, in mother in laws house… All places, I very rarely take a Kronos with me.

  3. Downloaded the free version and tried the electric piano. It sounded like a toy compared to garageband for ipad, so i suspect the other instruments are beaten by gb aswell.

    for those of you who have both, what app do you prefer?

  4. I suppose that if you already had a really nice electronic piano with midi out this would be a no brainer. If you already have a big workstation keyboard I can’t see the point really. You still need a decent size controller to play it so your portability is tied to the minimum size of your controller.

    1. Well, I’m not aware of controllers in the likeness of Nord C2 Organ, and a demo with an actual one wouldn’t make much sense – an actual idea is (as I get it) is that it is possible to play high quality instruments on a inexpensive controller so that to beat the price of a workstation.

      BTW, it is perhaps the most impressive iOS app to me. I mean, I played KORG SV-1 and would rather stick to setup as in video. Also, this app is aimed at musicians – I mean, those who can play with nuances, appreciate efforts put into sampling the best grand pianos at multiple velocities, and at least know words such as “articulation” and “expression”. And those remaining who can not play an instrument, don’t worry – even if IK Multimedia’s app doesn’t meet your needs, there is one that DOES. Sounds included in it do not sound “empty” or “like a toy” and can take your production to the new levels, enjoy:

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