Build A Synth In A Book

Konkreet Labs put together this demo video of their Synth In A Book – a MeeBlip synthesizer built into a vintage hardcover book:

MeeBlip is being fed MIDI signals from Ableton Live and the audio out is then processed again by Live. Konkreet Performer is controlling the MIDI velocity as well as audio effects.

MeeBlip itself was a breeze to build, the book casing was a bit trickier and probably spent more money on different types of glue than on the MeeBlip itself.

Another device you probably don’t want to take on the plane, unless you like body cavity searches.

Build photos are available at the Konkreet Labs site.

6 thoughts on “Build A Synth In A Book

  1. I had crazy plans for mine but in a pinch I ended up building my MeeBlip into a candy box and now like it a bit better than my original idea….When I get my Shruthi though its getting the treatment! Jewelry Box all the way!

  2. Hey Zombitron – we’d love to see that, too! (both the MeeBlip candy box and Shruthi jewelry box, please!) Send it our way – cdm contact form or meeblip form or just send it to synthtopia and surprise me. 😉

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