Open Mic: If One Vintage Synthesizer Could Be Put Back Into Production, Which One Would You Pick?

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Open Mic: Every time we’ve got news about a major new synthesizer at Synthtopia, there are always some readers that respond to the news with “Cool, but if only they had re-released the __________”

Korg, Yamaha, Roland and others have so many great vintage synths in their history that it’s hard for new introductions to compare to their lusted-after classics.

But Moog has proven to be successful revisiting their past classics and Tom Oberheim recently re-released his classic SEM. So it can be done and done successfully.

Which should be next? If one vintage synthesizer could be put back into production, which one would you pick? And why?

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84 thoughts on “Open Mic: If One Vintage Synthesizer Could Be Put Back Into Production, Which One Would You Pick?

  1. They’re not synths, but I would like to see a return of the Mellotron. I know you could create one artificially by loading up a bunch of digital samples, but it’s just not the same.

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    1. the vst mellotrons are very good. and there are a few that will load samples and treat them like they were on a tape loop… i used to have a mk400 but it was a huge pain to keep working, and it was very heavy…

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  2. if its time to dream, i would like to get hands on a newly rebuild OSC oscar

    if i must say something i could effort, an interface extended version of waldorf pulse.

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  3. the memorymoog, i used to have three. massive, when it stayed in tune… you could stack all the voices on one key, and it would blow doors down….

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  4. MS 20 is the obvious choice , and it would drop those insane 2nd hand prices too

    If moog would reissue the Liberty keytar that would be fun too!

    Roland is never gonna reissue with the old japanese guy still in charge…

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  5. Great suggestions so far! I think it’s impossible to choose one. Top contenders IMO are ARP 2600, CS 80, Oberheim Matrix 12, and EMS VCS3. I’ll add two others to the wishlist: a Roland JX-10 reissue – but with integrated PG-800-style controls built in, and a Yamaha FS-1 keyboard synth with tons of hands-on control built in.

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  6. Well, I miss the Synclavier 2 – it’s the best sounding sampler I’ve ever played, and it had great sounding FM as well. And did I mention poly aftertouch? 😀

    Please, keyboard people, bring back the poly aftertouch! I miss it so playing the Prophet ’08.

    Someone said Casio – I like my CZ-1000 quite a bit and wish that Reason had 7-stage envelopes, although you can sort of fake them in various clunky ways.

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  7. I’d actually like to see some of the more recent analog synths reborn!!

    Revised Marion MSR-2? Yes please!!

    And Alesis, how about an updated Andromeda?!!!!

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  8. I know it isn’t a synthesizer as a whole, but the MOS Technology 6581/8580 line. People in my circles would be like rabid wolves trying to claim their own remake of that timeless chip! Just keep the archetecture in tact.

    As for a full synthesizer, how about a revival of the DX-7? Call it the DX-8 and keep the old sound generation in tact with newer methods of rendering it, and FM Synthesizer fans like myself would be snapping at Yamaha’s heels for one!

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  9. if you call analog drum machines synths, then tr808 for sure, together with the 909

    if its only about synths as instruments, i would love to have a tb303 and an ms20 for sure

    generally, i would like to have roland re release the 303 606 808 and 909 in a more compact size, like in the size of the iPad, but with the same style as the original machines, and i bet they could easily do this, already think of this, and just waiting to put it out.

    meanwhile … rebirth for ipad 🙂 and ims20 of course

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  10. The Yamaha CS-80.

    With original analog and how about some sampled wave files since we are now approaching 40 years in the future for true sampled sound expression?

    1) Keep the heavy key feeling (magnetic drag vs inertial weight) that can be turned off for fast expression at specific times
    2) Please keep all of the 61 individual key pressure transducers
    3) Keep the obnoxiously fun and fat sliders at the same quality level, no cheap and noisy sliders
    4) Keep the pitch ribbon, but longer for right side use.
    5) Full memory preset, tuning and a powerful MIDI composer.
    6) Don’t cut corners and avoid making tactile parts cheapsy feeling….
    7) Do the rest on your own Yamaha… Touch interface with 16.7 million colors etc is okay.

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  11. Electro-Harmonix MINI SYNTHESIZER with the Mylar keybed .
    It would stop the ridiculous pricies that sellers are asking for on eBay.
    I had one in the ’80’s and should have never traded it away .
    It would’t be a big task. They have kept up with all of their other classic FX why not the
    MINI SYNTHESIZER . It would really give Korg some competition against the mono tribe /Trons.
    I would definitely buy one. Keep it under 300.00.

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