2011 Moogfest Voyager Signed by Eno, Moby, Chromeo & More

The Bob Moog Foundation is giving giving away a Moog Minimoog Voyager, signed by over 20 Moogfest 2011 artists including Moby, Chromeo, Brian Eno, Edgar Froese, Terry Riley, STS9, Beak, TV on the Radio, Ghostland Observatory, Passion Pit, Holy [email protected]*k, Suicide and more.

It’s part of a project the Foundation is running to raise money for Dr. Bob’s Soundschool, a program to help kids learn about science and music through synths. If we’d had that when we were kids, we could have all been rocket scientists.

See the project site for details.

3 thoughts on “2011 Moogfest Voyager Signed by Eno, Moby, Chromeo & More

  1. Very good cause. I like supporting charities when I have a few extra bucks, but it’s hard to pick ones that seem relatable and worthwhile and non-scammy…

    I hope they used a water-soluble ink, though

  2. So worthwhile to help get this program off the ground and expanded nationwide – not to mention that I can’t think of anywhere else the odds would be so good for winning a one-of-a-kind collectable autographed Voyager like this. Any contribution of $25 or more gets you entered to win, and other contribution levels add additional merch and perks too.

    Just as important as contributing? Spreading the word about this program to other people and encouraging them to do the same. Every bit helps!

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