4 thoughts on “Trevor Horn On Producing Frankie Goes To Hollywood

  1. Relax has IMO one of the best productions ever! It will last the test of time for sure. Trevor Horn is a talented chappy. ps the submit button is missing from the feedback forms on IE8 too.

  2. Im so thankful for you posting this. I watched this the day you posted it and it made me so happy and i was so thrilled that the first song they played was “Walk on By”. After watching this I went on to watch many of the other Madrid lectures. The Oneohtrixx Point Never Lecture and the Nile Rodgers lecture were my favorite! I hate to say it but this interviewer was my least favorite. It seemed like he was very uninterested in Trevor Horn.

  3. The Frankie stuff SHOCKINGLY good. If you haven’t heard it, or haven’t heard it lately, check it out because these Trevor Horn productions are astonishing!

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